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2001 Citizen Survey Results

City Services

In addition to City government performance, the survey also asked residents to rate the Citys performance in providing specific services. The graph, below, presents the list of services evaluated and the average rating score for each of them. Overall, residents gave fairly high ratings to most services. The notable exceptions are traffic signal operations and street repair and maintenance. Pavement marking maintenance and traffic law enforcement also received relatively low ratings. The reasons that residents gave for low ratings are summarized below. Many seem frustrated with traffic lights that are not synchronized. Residents cited signal timing as a factor in their low ratings for managing/relieving traffic congestion as well as traffic signal operations.

Residents' Ratings of City Services Performance
100=Very Well, 75=Well, 50=Neither well nor poorly, 25=poorly and 0=Very poorly
Scores in the range of 63 to 100 are generally considered "well" to "very well."
City Services Performance

Comments for each service with a low rating score are summarized and ranked by the number of times residents mentioned them. The number of mentions for similar comments appears in brackets.

Traffic signal operations

(95) Signal timing.

(6) Too many lights.

Street repair and maintenance

(12) Potholes.

(4) Poor selection and prioritizing of roads for repair.

Pavement marking maintenance

(20) Cant see lines on some streets; worn; not bright enough.

Traffic law enforcement

(22) Laws not enforced; too many speeders or aggressive drivers; dont see police on the street.