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2001 Citizen Survey Results

Citizen Priorities

The survey gave residents an opportunity to express their spending priorities by allocating percentages of a hypothetical budget to a list of facilities, programs or services. Residents could also suggest two additional programs not included in the listed items, and allocate a budget proportion to them. The graph, below, lists the programs, facilities and services that the survey presented to residents, and it shows how, on average, they allocated money among these options. Residents choices suggest that they place greater priority on options that will address the consequences of the Citys growth.

Citizens' Allocation of Available Funds
(Average percent of available funds that citizens would allocate to each item)
Citizens' Allocation of Available Funds


Many residents offered suggestions for new or expanded programs. These suggestions are listed here along with the number of times they were mentioned in brackets.

  • (20) Light rail/mass transit to Denver and other areas.
  • (12) Expanded recycling center/program.
  • (8) Dog parks or areas/open space where dogs can be off leash.
  • (7) Supervised activities for youth/kids.
  • (6) Assistance for the disabled/disadvantaged/seniors.
  • (3) Snow removal on residential streets.
  • (3) Light rail/trolley in Fort Collins.
  • (2) Loop bus with frequent service.

Very few residents suggested eliminating programs or facilities. About nine people listed golf courses as potential candidates for elimination, and eight people suggested eliminating TransFort.