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2001 Citizen Survey Results

Key Findings

  • Nearly 90 percent of residents describe Fort Collins as either a good or very good place to live. More specifically, residents highly regard the City as a place to attend college or raise children, and as a safe community. Residents mentioned most often climate and geographic location, with proximity to mountains, open-space and natural areas as the things that they like most about Fort Collins. Growth related problems were mentioned most often as things liked least about living in Fort Collins. The list includes traffic, sprawl, crowding and the fast pace of growth.
  • Residents gave City government low performance ratings in several areas, all of which are tied to Fort Collins' tremendous growth in recent years. The list includes managing/relieving traffic congestion, providing affordable housing, managing growth, considering citizens' opinions before making decisions, and land use planning.
  • Residents gave fairly high ratings to the City's performance in providing services, with the exceptions of traffic signal operations and street repair and maintenance
  • Overall, residents gave high ratings to most City programs and facilities.
  • Residents' spending preferences suggest that they place greater priority on options that will address the consequences of the City's growth. In allocating a hypothetical budget among programs, traffic congestion relief, increased supply of affordable housing and open space/natural areas received the largest average allocations.
  • Residents with recent City employee contact rate their experience highly.
  • Nearly three-fourths of residents say that being informed about City issues and services is important to them. Newspapers (Coloradoan and Forum), City News and word of mouth are the top three sources residents use to learn about City services and programs.
  • Although most residents seem to actively seek out information about City issues, only about one-half of them agree that they know how to inform the City about their feelings on important issues.
  • Internet access is high among residents. More than 80 percent of residents have Internet access. Most have access either at home or at work, or at both locations.
  • Regarding potential on-line services: Buying Lincoln Center tickets, signing up for recreation programs and reserving library books have relatively high value to residents. Other potential services seem to have only moderate value.