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2001 Citizen Survey Results

Information About City Issues, Services and Programs

Nearly three-fourths of residents say that being informed about City issues and services is important to them. Newspapers (Coloradoan and Forum), City News and Word of mouth are the top three sources residents use to learn about City services and programs.

Although most residents seem to actively seek out information about City issues, only about one-half of them agree that they know how to inform the City about their feelings on important issues.

Internet access is high among residents. More than 80 percent of residents have Internet access. Most have access either at home or at work, or at both locations.

The survey asked residents with Internet access to rate the value of the Citys Web site ( as a communication tool. Looking at the pie chart below, most residents with Internet access are either unaware of the site, or they have no opinion regarding its communication value. Those with no opinion have probably heard of the site, but never visited it. Considering that the "" domain name has been operational for only a short period of time, these low levels of awareness and attitude formation are not unexpected.

Value of as a Communication Tool
City of Fort Collins Image

Finally, the survey questioned residents about how highly they would value the ability to use certain services on-line. The graph below shows the average rating for each potential service. Buying Lincoln Center tickets, signing up for recreation programs and reserving library books have relatively high value to residents. Other potential services seem to have only moderate value.

Resident Ratings of the Value of Using Services On-Line
100=Very high, 75=High, 50=Neither high nor low, 25=Low and 0=Very low
Scores in the range of 63 to 100 are generally considered "high" to "very high."
Value of Online Services

Residents also gave their suggestions for on-line services. Appendix A has a complete summary of these suggestions, but most of them centered on the ability to view public documents, or the ability to submit comments, complaints and questions via Email, and receive answers electronically.