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This Website is Changing

Traffic to our site from smartphones and mobile devices has more than doubled over the past three years and our goal is to bring you a website that works well no matter how you access it. That's why you'll be seeing improvements to this website over the coming months. Our goal is to make things easier to find as we refine the layout with simple, bold, flat and responsive design elements to improve your experience.

Our Process

The agile approach we are taking to site improvements enable us to respond quickly to changes in public expectations and industry best practices. A data-driven decision making process is core to our organization and key to measuring success. It helps us bring you features and improvements that matter most.

Recent Improvements

  • Primary navigation menu moved to text based design
  • Dropdowns menus added

Next Steps

  • Website page backgrounds and masthead imagery simplified to a "flat design".
  • The primary navigation menu simplified and relocated to enable a true responsive website design

Get Involved

Our most valuable feedback comes from you, our visitors. To provide your thoughts on the evolving website design, just click the button below. We look forward to improving your experience and thank you for your help.

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