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Replace electric or gas foodservice equipment with ENERGY STAR® qualified models (rebates available).

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Fort Collins Utilities is an equal opportunity residential and commercial utility service provider. We do not discriminate in the terms, conditions or provision of services based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Fort Collins Utilities es una empresa proveedora de servicios públicos residenciales y comerciales con igualdad de oportunidad. No discriminamos en los términos, las condiciones o la provisión de servicios en base a raza, color, religión, sexo, discapacidad, estatus familiar o nacionalidad de origen.

Water Quality after Fire

  • Helicopters drop wood mulch on the burn area.

Since the High Park Fire, which ignited as a result of a lightning strike on June 9, 2012, Fort Collins Utilities has been working to ensure that drinking water quality continues to meet or surpass all state and federal drinking water standards.

Trucks are hauling tons of wood mulch to staging sites in Poudre and Rist Canyons. Helicopters will drop the material on non federally-owned hillsides, that were badly burned, 1,700 acres will be treated this year. Funding the mitigation is a joint effort.

  • Trucks haul mulch loads to the staging sites.

Residents and citizens driving in those canyons need to be aware of the helicopters and truck traffic that will be performing the restoration activities.

  • Evidence of regrowth.

Utilities will continue to monitor the effects of the fire-related runoff and take steps to monitor and protect the watersheds and mitigate the damage from the fire.

A detailed report on the initial effects of the recent wildfires on water quality is also available.

Fort Collins Utilities' state-of-the-art water treatment process removes contaminants from raw water sources, beginning with the new presedimentation basin.

Fort Collins Utilities is collaborating with other water users, utilities that have experienced fires (including Denver Water), Colorado State University, University of Colorado and Northern Water Conservancy District to respond to fire-related impacts in our watershed. Despite the impact of the fire, Fort Collins water supplies are sufficient to provide water to customers.

To report any water quality concerns, contact Utilities.