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  • Tip #241

    Use fertilizer lightly as it encourages grass to grow and need more water.

  • Tip #242

    Water only when grass turns a dull, grey-green color and footprints remain. After a rain, skip watering until the grass dries.

  • Tip #243

    Bluegrass lawns generally require 1" or more of water per week, depending on the weather.

  • Tip #244

    Shrubs and trees require less water than bluegrass, so water them separately.

  • Tip #245

    Watering every third day helps the grass develop deeper roots and use moisture deep in the ground.

  • Tip #246

    Water in the early morning or late evening when there's less wind.

  • Tip #247

    If you have a sprinkler system, sign-up for a free audit.

  • Tip #248

    Mow when it's cool to reduce stressing the grass.

  • Tip #249

    Mow with a sharp mower blade. A dull blade tears grass and stresses the lawn.

  • Tip #250

    Mow bluegrass 2 1/2 " - 3" tall to promote deeper rooting and to shade the plant's root zone. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.

  • Tip #251

    Leave clippings where they fall to add nutrients to the soil. A mulching mower chops grass into small pieces.

  • Tip #252

    Learn about Xeriscape, a healthy, attractive landscape that conserves water.

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