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Tip #203

Replace filters, clean evaporator and condenser coils and verify proper operation of the economizer on air handlers.

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Fort Collins Utilities is an equal opportunity residential and commercial utility service provider. We do not discriminate in the terms, conditions or provision of services based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

Fort Collins Utilities es una empresa proveedora de servicios públicos residenciales y comerciales con igualdad de oportunidad. No discriminamos en los términos, las condiciones o la provisión de servicios en base a raza, color, religión, sexo, discapacidad, estatus familiar o nacionalidad de origen.

Dimmers & Sensors

Fort Collins Utilities and Platte River Power Authority are partnering with local retailers to offer discounted prices on Lutron® C·L CFL/LED dimmers and occupancy sensors.

Learn more about light controls and their benefits.


Lutron dimmers:

  • save an average of $9 per year (see how much you could save)
  • reduce lighting energy use by 20% on average
  • extend bulb life
  • add ambiance

Lutron C·L dimmers are designed to last at least 10 years, meaning they will pay for themselves several times over.

Learn about the challenges of using standard dimmers on CFLs and LEDs.

Ensure your light bulbs will work with the dimmer by checking Lutron's compatible bulb lists.

Occupancy Sensors

Lutron occupancy sensors:

  • work with all types of bulbs
  • install in minutes
  • save an average of about $6 per year (per sensor)
  • turn lights on/off when you enter/exit a room automatically

Learn more about occupancy sensors.

Learn more about ENERGY STAR® lighting products.

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