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Trash Study Results are in!

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Hot off the presses, a new study is now available that analyzes Fort Collins’ trash collection system and what could be done to improve it. For many years, residents have been concerned about multiple trash trucks coming down their street on various days of the week and the associated noise, clutter of trash cans and damage to our streets. Also, the City has a goal of helping the community improve our recycling rates from the current 27% to 50%. Now we need your help to decide which, if any of these issues, the community is ready to tackle.

In March, the City contracted with R3 Consulting Group, a firm which has significant experience in public policy issues related to trash services. With experience in dealing with both waste hauling arrangements and recycling programs, they bring expertise and a willingness to help us develop a range of alternatives that will be uniquely suited to our needs. The problem statement we gave R3 to address is:

In what ways can the City reduce the impacts of trash collection services in Fort Collins, addressing issues of the cost of street wear, air quality, neighborhood aesthetics, noise, and other neighborhood impacts? Are there ways that the City might also improve diversion rates for recyclables?

R3 Consulting Group has completed its report, including an analysis of Fort Collins’ current open competitive trash system and a large number of alternative solutions which address the problem statement offered by the City.

Project Timeline

First Quarter 2008:

  • January 8 Work Session to set project scope and review schedule
  • Request for Proposals issues and consultant to be selected

Second Quarter 2008:

  • Consultant Study to be completed; detailed options developed for public and Council consideration
  • Public Outreach process; seek community feedback on options developed by consultant

Third Quarter 2008:

  • September 23 Council work session for direction on alternatives

Fourth Quarter 2008:

  • Council decision making on alternatives