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How to Use Transfort Bus Schedules

  • Be sure you check the key beside the timetables. Some bus routes use different schedules for weekdays and Saturdays as well as when Poudre School District and Colorado State University are in session.
  • On the table, find the time point bus stop (Time Point Bus Stop: Street intersection used for time schedule reference point to estimate bus arrival and trip times - shown on the map as a solid dot) at or nearest the point where you will board the bus. Reading the table from top to bottom tells you the scheduled arrival times at the stops listed. Reading the times from left to right tells you how long it takes to travel between stops.
  • Times in regular print are a.m.
    Times in darker print are p.m.
  • Not all bus stops have time points. For the approximate time a bus arrives at these stops, look at the time point stops before and after your stop. The bus will arrive between the two times shown.
  • A thick, solid line on the map indicates the bus route; arrows on the route and labels of SB (southbound), NB (northbound), EB (eastbound), and WB (westbound) indicate direction of travel.

Example: You want to board the bus from your house near City Park and Mulberry around 6pm Saturday night to go shopping at the mall. Because you have seen the All Routes Map, you know Route 6 will get you there, but you don't know when it runs. First, you look at the key to confirm the service options for Route 6. You see that it runs Monday - Saturday all year and when CSU is in session, it offers extended evening hours. Since City Park and Mulberry is not a time point bus stop, you look at the time point stops on either side of it, which are Mulberry & Washingon and Taft Hill & Elizabeth. Looking at the southbound timetable and finding these points, you are able to see that the bus will arrive at City Park and Mulberry sometime between 5:48pm and 5:53pm, so you plan to be at the stop by 5:45pm to make sure you're early. By reading across the timetable, you can also determine that you will arrive at the mall at 6:11pm.

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