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All Transfort buses are equipped with racks that hold up to 3 bicycles. Racks are available on a first come, first serve basis. Only non-fuel-powered, two-wheeled adult and children’s bicycles weighing less than 55 pounds are allowed on the racks. Bicycles must be free of additional or oversized accessories and must not limit the driver’s visibility. There is no extra charge for using the bike racks. If the bike rack is full, there is usually ample bicycle parking next to bus stops to accomodate your bicycle.

For maps and info on bicycling in Fort Collins, visit:

Bicycle Loading Instructions

Signal bus operator Step 1. Signal bus operator.
Release the rack Step 2. To release the rack, squeeze the handle and lower it down until parallel with the ground.

Release the rackStep 3. When loading bike, place front wheel on the side labeled "Front Wheel". If rack is empty, place bike in back slot.
secure your front wheel Step 4. Pull up support arm and hook the arm securely over your front wheel.
Tell the operator that you need to remove your bike Step 5. Use front door only when exiting the bus. Tell the operator that you need to remove your bike.

Release the rackStep 6. Return bike rack to upright position.
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