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We offer softball leagues for girls and adults. Adult softball games are for men's, women's and coed and are played through the community. These leagues are offered most of the year.


Adult Fall Softball

Teams will have the opportunity to continue playing softball after the summer leagues have concluded! 8 games scheduled, 8 games guaranteed. Registration begins 7/21, ends 8/12 or when leagues fill (whichever comes first). Season begins 8/21.

Age: 16 years & up      

Location: TBA

Cost: $444            

Date: 8/21–10/30


Men’s Softball

Sun IV                413021-01

Mon III                413021-02

Mon IV                413021-03

Tues III                413021-04

Tues IV                413021-05

Wed III                413021-06

Wed IV                 413021-07

Thurs III               413021-08

Fri Unlimited HR     413021-09

Fri IV                   413021-10



Women’s Softball

Tues IV               413022-01


Coed Softball

Sun Competitive           413023-01

Sun Recreational           413023-02

Tues Competitive          413023-03

Tues Recreational          413023-04

Wed Competitive           413023-05

Wed Recreational          413023-06

Thurs Competitive         413023-07

Thurs Recreational         413023-08




Starting May 15, 2016 All bats will be required to have the USSSA Thumbprint stamp.