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Shop Fort Collins

Shop Fort Collins

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The Shop Fort Collins Campaign offers the public and local businesses a chance to rally around our City, our quality of life, and our livelihoods.

While discussions around taxes are not popular, most people agree that parks, road improvements, and police services are important services. They keep Fort Collins among the most desirable places to live.

The City's sales and use tax is 3.85 percent, so for every $100 that is spent in Fort Collins, $3.85 goes to support City services:

  • City Park maintenance costs $3.85 per person per year
  • One Police Officer's salary, equipment and vehicle costs $.86 per person per year
  • Road maintenance costs $77.76 per person per year
  • Senior Center maintenance and operation costs $5.37 per person per year

Funding sources for General Government Services

funding pie chart