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Food Trucks, Food Carts and More: Outdoor Vending Options Expanded
Take advantage of a growing trend and check out our simple, easy and new outdoor vending regulations for the eager entrepreneur.

What is an Outdoor Vendor?
An Outdoor Vendor is any person, whether as owner, agent, consignee or employee, who sells or attempts to sell or offers to the public any services, goods, wares or merchandise from any outdoor location regardless whether a fee is charged.

What has changed for outdoor vendors?
The City of Fort Collins is providing an opportunity for many different types of vendors in more locations by increasing the number of vendor licenses and simplifying the application process. The previous code only allowed a single license to one location and ability to operate within a public street, restricting options for both vendors and the public.

The City conducted an Outdoor Vendor Study and received input from the public, local restaurants/businesses, and various Boards and Commissions. Through that process and with the approval of the City Council, some regulations were created and others were amended. Although vendors will still operate under restrictions, the public should expect to see more outdoor vendors starting in the beginning of August.

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TYPES OF Outdoor Vendors

Mobile Food Truck
A motorized wheeled vehicle or towed wheeled vehicle designed and equipped to serve food.  This includes food cooked and prepared for vending and commissary-prepared, ready-to-eat or packaged foods in individual servings. Only food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed.

Neighborhood Mobile Food Vendor
A mobile food truck or pushcart licensed for the sale of only commissary-prepared, ready-to-eat or packaged food in individual servings in locations on streets that are in neighborhood zone districts. Only food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed.

Outdoor Vendor of Miscellaneous Goods and Services
Offers miscellaneous goods or services to the public on private property from an outdoor location regardless of whether a fee is charged. (Christmas tree sales, pumpkin patches, windshield repair, temporary car washes, etc)

Outdoor Vendor of Transportation Services
Valet parking services, pedal-powered vehicles, horse-drawn carriages or other means of transportation service offered for hire from an outdoor location regardless of whether a fee is charged.

Mobile vending cart, pushcart or trailer that is not-motorized or attached to a vehicle for towing, and that does not exceed ten feet in length, four feet in width, or eight feet in height. This includes food cooked and prepared for vending and commissary-prepared, ready to eat or packaged food in individual servings.  Only food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed.

Special Vending License
Issued to a person responsible for an, occasional, temporary event located solely on a single private lot when the event does not require the issuance of a special events permit. (Corporate event, anniversary celebration) This event may include a food truck rally.

Applicants must submit their application, authorization to utilize property signed by the Property Owner, a Site Plan of the property and a $60 fee for a 1 to 60 day license.


Location: Finance Department, 215 N Mason St. Fort Collins, CO 80524
Mailing: Sales Tax Department, PO Box 580, Fort Collins, CO 80522
Contact: Linda Samuelson, Licensing Agent, 970-221-6246
Phone: 970-221-6780 Email: