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Recycle cardboard and paperboard at the curb!

Starting in January 2006, Fort Collins residents who live in single-family homes within city limits may begin recycling corrugated cardboard (including shipping boxes and pizza boxes), brown paper bags, and paperboard (shoe boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, etc.) at the curb, along with your other recyclables, including magazines, junk mail, newspapers, and commingled bottles and cans.

This new service supports efforts to meet the community's goal of diverting 50% of the waste stream away from landfills by 2010. The City estimates that being able to recycle cardboard and paperboard at the curb may increase Fort Collins' waste diversion by 3-5% above current levels of 25%.

Fort Collins haulers have agreed on uniform preparation guidelines for cardboard to ensure the new materials can be efficiently collected. Please prepare your cardboard and paperboard as follows:

  1. Cardboard should not exceed 2’ x 2’ in size (oversized pieces must be cut down)
  2. Items must be placed inside the recycle bin (additional bins available by calling your hauler), or in a box equal to or smaller in size than the bin itself
  3. Boxes must be broken down along the folds (please do not smash them flat)
  4. Remove all materials, packaging, and other items from inside the boxes
  5. Pizza boxes are allowed as long as all food particles are removed

Please contact your hauler for specific information about this service.