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Recycle Guys
Welcome to the Recycling Room for Educators!

Here you will find several links to environmental web sites, as well as other educational information on waste reduction, recycling, resource conservation, pollution prevention, composting, etc.

Recycling and Waste Reduction Lesson Plans

Looking for waste reduction lesson plans? Here are a few that can easily be adapted to your grade level in pdf format.

Grade Levels 1-4

Grade Levels 7-8

The Oregon Green School Tools - Creating Healthy School Environments through Resource Efficiency

This tool is written for principals, custodians, teachers, students, parents, kitchen staff, site councils, classified staff, or school volunteers who are working on improving the health and livability of their school environment. Download The Oregon Green School Tools (pdf format).

You may download Adobe® Acrobat Reader® Software for free from Adobe's site.

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