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We're here to help you learn more about recycling, composting, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and conserving our natural resources. We've collected information from various sources to assist us. This web site is for all ages...  K-12 students, college students, teachers, and even parents! 

Can Recycle Guy


Glass Recycle Guy



Bottle Recycle Guy


Paper Recycle Guy

(The links below are accessible only in the Adobe Acrobat format "pdf". You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read.)

Corrugated cardboard boxes
Meet ROSCOE the steel recycling mascot It's ROSCOE!!

More Recycling Fun and Games!

  • Nickelodeon "Jimmy Neutron Recycles" - Watch Jimmy Neutron and his dog Goddard recycle in their video at

jimmy neutron

Recycle Guys Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers

Cool T-shirt transfers of the Recycle Guys. Be the first in your class to display your recycling spirit! Download an image and simply print your design onto traansfer paper, then have Dad or Mom help using a household iron to transfer the design onto your favorite t-shirt! (Adobe Acrobat required)

You may download Adobe® Acrobat Reader® Software for free from Adobe's site.

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