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College Recycling Links   

Below are links about recycling and conserving our natural resources.

  • CURC Web - The College and University Recycling Council is an association of campus recycling coordinators.

  • Enviro$en$e - The Federal P2 (pollution prevention) network

  • Center for Resourceful Building Technology (CRBT).  Are you interested in building or buying a home constructed with "green methods" such as the use of less wood and more recycled materials?  Check out the CRBT site at   CRBT promotes the use of environmentally sensitive building materials and practices.  Their web site includes pictures of houses they have built, publication information, and links to other sustainable resource web sites.

  • Plastics Resource Conservation   At this site they have information on plastics and the environment for different student levels (elementary school, high school, college)

  • You can learn about the evolution of recycling at the University of Colorado ( or their Environmental Center, the Green Agenda at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (, and Brown University's "Brown is Green" program (

  • The ULS Report (Use Less Stuff™) provides information on the most efficient and effective ways to reduce waste and conserve resources.

  • Keep America Beautiful organization 

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