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Automotive Dismantlers

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Aragon Iron & Metal
516 N. Highway 287, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-484-2577

Provides equipment and services to make recycling convenient and efficient. Accepts and buys a variety of metals: iron, lead, copper, brass, stainless steel, scrap steel, structural steel, steel pipes, cast iron. Recycles batteries, non-working metal appliances, ranges, washers and dryers. Cash for aluminum cans as well. Buys vehicles, free towing. Call for pricing on used tires and other scrap materials. 

208 N. Howes St., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-484-4224

See Eco-Thrift website for specific details.

National Kidney Foundation of Colorado

Phone: 303-713-1523

The Kidney Cars Program is an easy way to donate your car, van, truck, or boat. Kidney Cars offers nationwide, year-round pick-up service. Simply call 1-800-488-CARS and give information about your vehicle or donate your vehicle online.

General Information

Ready to say goodbye to your old car? Donate your unwanted vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation of Colorado, Inc. Qualify for a tax deduction. Clean up your neighborhood.

Check your Yellow Pages under Auto Parts & Supplies - Used and Rebuilt.