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Motor Oil

Name/Address/Hours Comments
Houska Automotive Services
899 Riverside Dr., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-482-0156

Accepts antifreeze, auto batteries, engine oil and scrap metal. 

O'Reilly Auto Parts
4372 S. College Ave., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-223-5329

Accept car batteries for recycling, no household batteries. Also accepts used oil.

Larimer County Landfill
5887 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-498-5760

The Larimer County Landfill is located south of Fort Collins on Taft Hill Rd. (about two miles south of Harmony Rd.).  Please refer to the Larimer County Solid Waste website for hours and pricing.

The Recycling Center at Larimer County Landfill accepts commingled containers, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, office paper and shredded paper, and paperboard. The recycling center accepts already-shredded paper, but does not offer paper shredding services.

Also at the landfill are a Hazardous Waste Drop an e-waste recycling facility, and a recycling facility similar to the City's drop-off recycling site.

How To Recycle Motor Oil
American Petroleum Institute, 1220 L Street, NW, Washington, DC
Phone: 202-682-8040

When you log on to this web site you'll be able to find used oil collection centers in your area, plus get useful information on changing your oil. 

City of Loveland Recycling Center
400 N Wilson Ave., Loveland
Phone: 970-962-2529

The Loveland Recycling Center accepts a wide variety of materials, including #1-#7 plastic tubs, waste cooking oil, and other hard to recycle items. Fort Collins residents should expect to pay a fee to drop off yard and wood waste. Electronics (TVs, tires, computer monitors) require a small fee. Batteries are free.

Loveland residents must present a current yard debris permit to drop off yard/wood debris.  To obtain a permit, call the Solid Waste Division at 970-962-2529 or stop by the office at 105 W. Fifth St.

General Information

Transfer waste motor oil into a clean, unbreakable container with a tight-fitting cap such as a one-gallon plastic milk jug or sealable oil pan. As plastic containers containing oil cannot be recycled, consider reusing them if possible. Waste oil should be free of gasoline, antifreeze, paint thinner, solvents, dirt, leaves, water, etc.