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Secure Data Destruction Services

Name/Address/Hours Comments
E-Waste Recyclers Colorado
1027 S. 7th St., Grand Junction
Phone: 980-986-4002

E-Waste Recyclers provides secure data destruction services. Call for a customized quote. We'll provide the shipping label, container, and service to physically destroy your hard drive or other storage media in the safest, most cost-effective and simplest way. Our goal is to protect electronic data. 

Newaya Recycling
320 E. Vine Dr., Suite 212, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-658-0575

Buys back iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and Windows 7 smartphones from individuals and businesses. Also provides secure data destruction services on mobile devices, and offers free cell phone recycling via drop-box (MUGS Coffee on College Ave.) in the Fort Collins area.

Technology Recycling

Phone: 866-400-8615

Helping businesses dispose of their obsolete computer systems and compenents. Accepts computers, mainframes, CRTs, fax machines, power supplies, modems, printers, copy machines, and more. Call with questions or visit their website for more information.