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Our Education & Enrichment programs are extensive, there is something for everyone. Classes are offered throughout the City at convenient locations and include topics such as: computer skills, CPR, blogging, social media, sign language, relationship skills, music, theater, cooking and meditation. Classes are available for all ages and all abilities.


Register for Programs Online

To register for the programs below, visit our online database and search for the class to register. You can also call 970-221-6655 to register over the phone.

Babysitting Bootcamp

Spotlight image: Babysitting Bootcamp

Friday, Sept. 23 (Noon-8 P.M.)
Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct. 11-12 (4-8 P.M.)
Tuesday & Wednesday, Nov. 29-30 (4-8 P.M.)
Age:  11-16 years
Location: Northside Aztlan Center
Cost: $75

A comprehensive skills-based camp for youth looking to get the knowledge and confidence to be great babysitters. Topics include: business practices, leadership principles, discipline and communication, safe play, basic care for infants and children, and disaster preparedness.

Register online here.

Thanksgiving Side dishes

Spotlight image: Thanksgiving Side dishes

Date: Monday, November 7 (6-8:30 P.M.)
Age: 18 years & up
Location: Senior Center
Cost: $35

Impress your family and friends with these easy, delicous, and healthy sides for your holiday gathering. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan friendly. Menu: guilt-free spinach/artichoke dip, roasted brussel sprouts, homemade cranberry sauce, parsnip mashed potatoes, and very festive wild rice salad.

Register online here.

Parenting Series

Spotlight image: Parenting Series

Dates: Wednesdays (6:30-8:30 P.M.)
Age: 18 years & Up
Location: Senior Center
Cost: $20

Nurturing Your Child's Self Esteem - 9/14
Take a look at self-esteem and its various components so you may understand how to build a solid foundation in the early years. Families with children ages 2-8 years old will find ideas and suggestions that easily apply. Register online here.

The language of Encouragement - 9/28
Encouragement provides positive and realistic feedback that can have a powerful impact on behavior. Parents learn how to use the power of words to strengthen the parent/child bond and encourage good behavior. Register online here.

Effective Discipline - 10/12
Effective discipline helps the child make better choices. Rewards and punishment have a faster impact, but research reveals negative outcomes. Learn to handle behavior challenges in ways that encourage cooperation, form agreements, and introduce problem solving. This approach helps the child develop skills for life. Register online here.

The Four Mistaken Goals of Misbehavior - 10/26
Social psychologist Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs laid the groundwork for helping adults guide children to be their best selves. When parents understand the child's real need behind the misbehavior they can help satisfy the unmet need and avoid developing challenging patterns in the parent/child relationship. Register online here.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence - 11/2
Emotional and social intelligence are said to be more important than IQ in contributing to a person's happiness and success. Learn strategies to help children develop abilites to identify, understand, and manage emotions positively to relieve stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Register online here.

Developing the Culture of Family - 11/16
Culture is defined as rituals and traditions passed down from one generation to another. By exploring the best from the past, you will see how to create a new legecy. Family meetings are powerful and support family life. Involving children offers them a deeper sense of self-worth, bonding, and personal power. Register online here.