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Aqua Fitness

Our Aqua Fitness programs promote fitness to the residents of Fort Collins and surrounding areas. We provide a comfortable, safe and non-competitive recreational fitness environment for patrons. We offer a variety of classes: stretching, cardiovascular workouts, and strength training at our facilities.

For a listing of our current Aqua Fitness programming, browse the Recreator.

For information about our pools and recreation facilities, click here.


Register for Programs Online

To register for the programs below, visit our online database and search for the class to register. You can also call 970-221-6655 to register over the phone.

Drop-in Water Volleyball: Spring

Spotlight image: Drop-in Water Volleyball: Spring

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Mar. 1-May 31 (10:30-11:30 a.m.)
Age: 18 years & up
Location: Senior Center

Water volleyball is great exercise and low impact. Note: Comfort in the water along with basic swimming skills recommended. Pool depth is 3.5-4.5 ft.

Daily drop-in rate or 1 admission from a facility pass.

Low Intensity: Spring

Spotlight image: Low Intensity: Spring

Low Intensity classes are held at the Senior Center and cost between $53.50-$57.25

Basic H20 Workout
Mon, Wed, Fri. (6:15-7:15 p.m.)
Designed for people new to water exercise, recovering from an injury, or with physical limitations. Range-of-motion, stretching, and cariovascular elements are emphasized. Register for a variety of dates here.

Stretch & Tone
Mon, Wed, Fri. (8:30-9:30 a.m.)
Designed to develop strength and flexibility in people who want to tone without an aerobic workout. The equipment provides different levels of difficulty. Sculpt your body without pounding your joints. Register for a variety of dates here.

Twinges Plus
Mon, Wed, Fri. (12:15-1:15 p.m.)
Combine the range-of-motion exercise with low-impact cardiovascular work. Excellent for people who have recently been diagnosed with arthritis or other joint related conditions. Register for a variety of dates here.

Medium Intensity: Spring

Spotlight image: Medium Intensity: Spring

Advanced Water Fitness
Date: Mon., Wed., Fri. (7:30-8:30 a.m.)
Location: EPIC and Senior Center
Cost: $52.50-$56.25
Take your cardio to the next level and increase your caloric burn and overall endurance. Promote joint flexibility, range of motion, and agility while building cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Register for a variety of dates at EPIC here or Senior Center here.

Location: Mulberry and Senior Center
Cost: $38.50-$57.25
Enjoy the classic blend of aerobics, toning, and stretching. This is the right place to begin an exercise program, maintain your fitness level, or add a challenging workout. Register for a variety of dates and times for Mulberry here and Senior Center here.

Fitness & Fun
Senior Center
Cost: $53.50-$57.25
Combine a traditional water workout with water volleyball and other fun game. Register for a variety of dates and times here.

Mon., Wed., Fri., (4:15-5:15 p.m.)
Senior Center
Cost: $52.50-$56.25
For women during or after pregnancy. Low and medium impact exercises maintain muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. The water may also ease the pressure of the pregnancy or build muscle to help you support your newborn's weight. Register for a variety of dates here.

High Intensity: Spring

Spotlight image: High Intensity: Spring

Aqua Box
18 years & up
Location: Senior Center
Cost: $37.50
Mix kickboxing moves with aerobics for a fast, effective workout. Register for a variety of dates and times here.

Deep H20
18 years and up
Cost: $15-45
Take an aggressive approach to fitness with a vigorous, no-impact workout held in the deep water. Excellent for people with back, hip, and knee injuries. Water confidence and some swimming skills recommended. Register for a variety of times and dates for Mulberry Pool here or EPIC here.