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Plan Implementation Project

Implementation Status of Existing Plans

Advance Planning administers many plans, programs and projects which working with consultants, Boards and Commissions, City Council and the general public. The current list includes nineteen plans, including City Plan, and its related elements.

In 2009, Advance Planning staff initiated a process to periodically review each plan to assess the status of implementation actions. In other words, how the plan is being implemented, progress to date, and remaining actions to be completed.

You will find all these implementation reports to your left. These tables identify the plan, adoption date, update date, implementation actions, completion status, future timeline for review, and comments. Some of the older plans did not identify target dates for completion.

While the City Clerk regularly provides updates to the City Manager and City Council on plans status, these implementation reports represent a more detailed assessment of individual actions. This information will enable staff and City Council to track what plans are implemented, or which plans still have implementation actions to be completed.