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What does the load control status show?
Load control shows when Fort Collins Utilities sends a radio signal to the customers enrolled in the Load Management Program to shed load. "ON" is displayed during candidate hours to the peak hour (e.g., it is suggested you perform a load shedding routine at this time). "OFF" is displayed the rest of the time.
What information is shown in the 2 hour history graph and the PRPA peak load graph?
The 2 hour history graph shows the load trend during the last 120 minutes (blue line). The graph auto-updates every 5 minutes. The red line at the top represents month-to-date peak. If the difference between the current load and month-to-date peak is more than approximately 55 MW, only the current load will be displayed.

The PRPA peak load graph shows Platte River Power Authority's electric demand load for today since midnight (blue line) along with Platte River's load for the month-to-date peak day (red), for comparison purposes.
What information is included in the system load summary?
This table displays the current hour average (average demand from the beginning of the current hour to the present moment), month-to-date peak and when it was set, and the current load (electric demand value for the last 5 minutes). Delta is the difference between the month-to-date peak and the current load. If less than 10 MW, it will be displayed against a dimmed red background (Example: 10MW). If negative, it means the current load is above the month-to-date peak and it could be a new peak hour.

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