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December 2014
Holiday Lights
Winterizing Parks
Snow Removal
Decorating Protocol at Cemeteries
Electric Golf Carts
"Call of Doodie" Pet Waste Campaign
Poudre Trail Construction Impacts
Bill Whirty

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Holiday Lights Downtown - We Care Holiday Spirit Back to Top
dtlightsa (40K) The beautiful, twinkling lights that canopy the trees create a magical atmosphere throughout downtown filling people with holiday spirit and good cheer. They will be dazzling folks from dusk to dawn until February 15.
But, what does it take to create such a wondrous experience? Starting in September, teams from Swingle and Parks gather to make lighting plans, mapping out the trees that will be lit and a timeline so they are ready to be illuminated the first Friday in November. There are over 60,000 LED lights strung in trees along College Ave from Olive to LaPorte along Walnut, Linden, Pine, Old Town Square, Oak Street Plaza and Mountain Avenue from College to Riverside. The LED lights have an estimated 90% energy savings; making this energy efficient as well as beautiful.
Winterizing Parks - We Care About Maintaining Infrastructure Back to Top
As the fall season comes to an end, the Parks crews are busy winterizing the parks. Similar to what you do at your own home, the irrigation lines, water features and water fountains are blown out, leaves are raked and composted, and flowerbeds are mulched. As you can imagine, this is no small feat when you consider there is approximately 761 acres of parkland that need attention.
Once the parks are winterized, many pieces of equipment are converted with plows and brooms to accommodate snow removal needs.
Snow Removal - We Care about Safety Back to Top
snowremoval (98K) When you venture out on a snowy day and use the trail system to get to your destination, and find that the trail has been cleared of snow, it's thanks to the Parks crew who clear over 31 miles of trail each time it snows. Our mission is to keep the trails safe and usable for our community.
Crews arrive at work around 4:00am and are assigned to shovel, plow and/or broom at varying locations along the highly used sections of trail first; except for the Mason Trail, which is maintained by Streets.
In addition to keeping the trails clear, crews are also sent to the recreational facilities, such as Northside Aztlan Center and Lincoln Center to clear the sidewalks and parking lots. Another high priority is the downtown core areas including alleys and Old Town Square to ensure snow is cleared from these sites.
As the snow continues throughout the day, crews continue to loop through their assigned areas. At 7:00am another crew arrives and starts clearing some of the outlying areas and less traveled trails.
Even after the snow event, crews follow-up in the days afterward to ensure the trails are usable and safe. And, this is all done with only 20 staff members, per shift, which includes staff from Parks, Forestry and Golf.
Decorating Protocol at Cemeteries - We Care about Family Connections Back to Top
decorgrave (31K)

Family members often find comfort in decorating a grave site of their loved one during the holidays. At Grandview & Roselawn Cemeteries, decorations can be placed at the sites from December 1 through January 31, 2015.
For more information please visit the Cemetery web page
Electric Golf Carts - We Care about Our Carbon Footprint Back to Top
golfcarta (29K) In 2010 the Golf Division embarked on a challenging sustainability goal by converting the entire gas powered golf cart fleet to battery powered. Currently, there are 160 carts operating on the three courses. The goal was finally completed this summer with the conversion of fifteen carts at City Park Nine. This achievement was partially funded by the City's Sustainability Fund through grants; with the remaining funding came from Golf. All the courses had to provide infrastructure for charging stations prior to leasing the carts, mission complete. The golfing public enjoys the advantages of no emissions, quiet operations and the division is seeing lower maintenance costs. The best outcome from this program has been the reduction in greenhouse gasses. It is estimated that the Golf Division will reduce emissions by 38 metric tons of CO2 annually.
"Call of Doodie" Pet Waste Campaign - We Care about Keeping Parks Clean Back to Top
doodie (5K) Did you know that a single ounce of pet waste is home to about 23 million unhealthy bacteria? Eww! Be a good neighbor and help keep it off streets and out of local parks, natural areas, streams, rivers and lakes. When you pick up your pet's waste, you prevent giardia, E-coli and other bacteria from reaching our waterways. Do your duty for a healthier river, parks and natural areas.
To learn more about the City's new "Call of Doodie" pet waste pick-up campaign and other information, go to
How is Parks is helping to message this campaign? You'll start to see signs posted at the dog waste stations and in the kiosks throughout the parks. In addition, Parks is sponsoring an ad at CSU to promote the campaign...AND, best of all, if you're a responsible pet owner cleaning up after your pet and a Park Ranger see you in action you'll be receiving a card for a free ice cream cone!
Poudre River Trail Construction Impacts(Winter 2014/Spring 2015) - We Care about Keeping You Informed Back to Top
*Attention Poudre Trail users* please be aware of multiple upcoming construction projects along the Poudre Trail that will impact trail users. Work is being performed to re-stabilize river banks related to flood erosion and also planned trail improvements. Work is expected along the Poudre Trail in the following locations: Between Taft Hill Road and Lee Martinez Park; The Confluence of the Poudre Trail and Spring Creek Trail; East of College Avenue at the BNSF Railroad bridge; and Mulberry / Lemay Avenue underpass and access ramps. Work is expected to be complete at all locations by mid-July 2015. Trail detours will be posted, and updates available through the Trails web page. Trail users can also sign up on the web page to receive trail notifications through email.
Bill Whirty, Manager of Parks - We Care about the Development of Turfgrass Professionals Back to Top

bill (85K) Our own Bill Whirty was recently recognized at the Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Association (RMRTA) for his participation and foresight 25 years ago to move the annual conference and tradeshow to Denver. This move has proven to be a complete success and has aided the development of turfgrass professionals throughout the region. RMRTA was founded in 1953 and is committed to the education and development of turfgrass professionals throughout the region. Annual education requirements, exposure to best management practices and equipment improvements and innovations are all available at the annual conference and tradeshow. Bill should be commended for his impact on the turfgrass industry not only in Fort Collins but throughout the region.
grassroot-banner (96K)