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July / August 2014
Tree Inventory
New Kiosk System at Cemeteries
Living Tribute Tree/Memorial Bench Program
Lifecycle Program

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Tree Inventory - We Care About the Urban Forest
treeaerail (84K) In 2002 a study done on Fort Collins' street and park trees concluded that for every $1 invested in tree management residents received $2.17 in benefits1. To better manage this valuable resource the Forestry Division is currently working to capture a digital tree inventory using GIS (Geographic Information System) technology. In 2012 the Forestry division was awarded money from the City's Innovation and Sustainability Fund to update our current inventory. A few of the goals for capturing a digital inventory are to increase efficiencies, improve community relations, prepare for emergencies, anticipate budget needs, plan for staff succession, and record maintenance histories. Once the inventory is complete we will be transitioning into a digital work order based system that will allow us to update data in real time, store crucial information in one location, and improve the quality of service we can offer.

Forestry staff has been collecting the following data for each tree: GPS location, species, diameter, condition, and noting structural defects. Currently we have collected information on 40,000 trees and we anticipate we could be collecting data on 50,000- 60,000 trees by the end of the project. The data we are collecting is very important as we make management decisions for the trees in Fort Collins. This updated inventory will be used daily and will be a key part of our forestry program as we move into the future.

1. McPherson, E. Greg. "Benefit-Cost Analysis for Fort Collins' Municipal Forest." Center for Urban Forest Research, November 2003

Cemetery Kiosk - We Care about Service Back to Top
kiosk (41K) The Cemetery Division installed kiosks at Grandview and at Roselawn Cemeteries earlier this summer, and they are located by their respective offices. They feature touch screen technology to navigate through the Cemetery database. Customers can now find information and locations on people in the Cemetery through the kiosk so a visit to the office within normal business hours is no longer necessary. This allows flexibility to research at leisure at a time that works best for the customer.

When a name is selected, an information box is populated with: Name, Also Known As, Site location, Date of Birth, Date of Death and Next of Kin. Once site location is found, touch the screen for the map to find the location in the Cemetery.

Living Tribute Tree/Memorial Bench Programs - We Care about Family Memories Back to Top
membench (40K) Memorial benches and Living Tribute Trees provide a way to remember and pay tribute to loved ones or memorialize a special/meaningful date like the birth of child or anniversary.

Parks oversees the Memorial Bench Program which has become increasingly popular; so Parks has developed specifics on bench styles and locations. A memorial bench placed in a beautiful setting in a park or along the trail for others to use to appreciate the view or watch a sunset is a nice way to remember and a pleasure for all to enjoy.

Forestry oversees the Memorial Tree Program - "A Living Tribute" as a growing memory for generations to admire, while benefitting the community. The Park system is continually developing and trees play a big part in enriching the park environment, so planting a tree to symbolize a special date or memory is a great way to be a part of beautifying the environment.

The next time you're walking by a bench in a park or admiring a tree, take a moment to reflect as these could hold special meaning for someone.

Please visit the Memorial Bench or Living Tribute Tree websites in you are interested in learning more about either program or would like to submit an application.

Graffiti/Vandalism - We Care about Keeping Parks Clean and Safe Back to Top
Parks and Trails experience graffiti and vandalism every day; and Parks staff works hard to ensure graffiti is removed and vandalism is fixed in a timely manner to allow for safe and usable space for the citizens to enjoy.

In order to help keep our parks clean and graffiti free we rely on our Park employees and citizens as our eyes and ears for reporting defaced property in our parks. We have found that one of the biggest deterrents to end the cycle of graffiti is to remove it as soon as it is noticed, hopefully within a 48 hour time frame. Graffiti is a crime and when left unchecked, it can contribute to the deterioration of our neighborhoods, parks and the overall beauty of Fort Collins. So, if you observe graffiti anywhere in the City, take a minute to contact us and help keep Fort Collins beautiful.

You can call the Parks Division office at 970-221-6660 to report graffiti in a park or along a trail or the City "Graffiti Hotline" any time, day or night, at 970-416-2400. You can also make an online report using your computer or smartphone at Access Fort Collins. To report graffiti in progress, please call 9-1-1.

Click here for more information on graffiti and what you can do.

Lifecycle Projects - We Care about Maintaining Sustainable Parks for the Future Back to Top

The Parks Life Cycle program, initiated in 1993, provides funding and project management services for the replacement and/or renovation of the aging park system infrastructure. The park system infrastructure includes over 1,000 varied Park assets within many different component categories including: hardscapes, buildings, fields, trails, courts, structures, playgrounds, irrigation, medians, water, ADA improvements, and miscellaneous park components. Projects vary in size and scope due to the variety of park components. The goals of the Life Cycle Component program are to:

* Replace or restore components to substantially the same original condition, purpose and efficiency.
* Bring new components up to current codes and guidelines.
* Follow Parks mission to provide excellent care of parks and public spaces for the community.

greenbriar (44K) In 2014, major Life Cycle improvement projects include the Greenbriar Park Playground Renovation, replacing damaged sections of the Spring Creek Trail from Centre Ave to Shields, resurfacing the tennis courts near the future Southeast Community Park, replacing ballfield lighting on the east field at Edora, repairing ballfield lighting at Fossil Creek and converting to a web-based control system, and replacing a pedestrian bridge at City Park near the firehouse.

Minor projects in 2014 include small asphalt maintenance to parking lots at the Archery Range, Greenbriar, Rogers, and Rolland Moore. Court maintenance projects include coordinating crack fill at all tennis courts in the Fort Collins Parks system. Several irrigation pump repairs were also made. ADA improvements at playgrounds are in progress at Blevins, Rogers, Troutman and Spring Parks. Restriping of parking lots at Spring Canyon and Fossil Creek took place. Striping of pickleball courts at Fossil Creek and Greenbriar are in progress.

Please feel free to contact Jill Wuertz, Project Manager, (970-416-2062) if you have any other questions regarding the Life Cycle Program.