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Future Trails


The Fort Collins trails system is extremely popular with the people of the "Choice City." According to one study, 78 percent of Fort Collins residents reported using the trails.

Park Planning & Development continually strives to expand the trail system to reach and better serve the growing boundaries of the city.

Fort Collins Bicycle Map

Current expansions include:


Fossil Creek Trail segments, starting at the west end near the Spring Canyon Community Park:

Section from College Avenue (Highway 287) to Shields Street: The required right-of-way segment has been obtained for the section from Shields Street to Highway 287, and the BNSF railroad is in the process of granting permission for an underpass just south of where Fossil Creek flows under the tracks.  The railroad line is located about ¼ mile west of Highway 287.  This trail segment will connect to the west side of the recently completed trail underpass of the highway.  The segment length is about 1.25 miles in length. This segment is planned for construction once the needed railroad underpass agreement has been obtained, hopefully starting in late 2014.

Section at Tribly Road: The section from Lemay Avenue, at the Fossil Creek Community Park, to Trilby Road will connect to the Power Trail at Trilby Road.  The two trails will join at an underpass planned in the area where Fossil Creek goes under Trilby Road. About ½ mile in length, this trail segment is planned for construction in 2014. However, about 3/4 of a mile of the trail north of Carpenter Road was constructed in 2012.

South Branch: The section from Carpenter Road east along the south side of Fossil Creek Reservoir and north to Harmony Road is called the “South Branch” of the Fossil Creek Trail.  The segment of about 5.5 miles in length is not planned for construction until 2015 or later

North Branch: The section from the Power Trail near Southridge Golf Course east toward Bacon School and on to Zach Elementary School is called the “North Branch” of the Fossil Creek Trail.  This trail will connect in to the South Branch of the Fossil Creek Trail east of Zach Elementary School near Strauss Cabin Road.  The segment is about 3 miles in length.  A small section is already in place near Zach Elementary School. Construction is not planned until the needed trail right-of-way is obtained through the land development process.


Power Trail Segments Starting at the North End Near Edora Park:

The section beginning where the trail connects to the south side of EPIC north to the Spring Creek Trail is about ¼ mile in length.  Construction is planned in conjunction with the replacement of the Riverside Avenue road bridge in 2015.

The section from Harmony Road south to Trilby Road requires an underpass at Keenland Road.  Fencing the trail from the tracks will block east/west access between neighborhoods and prevent any access to the trail from east of the tracks.  The underpass at Keenland Road is in the design stage with construction planned once the railroad easement is obtained.  The fencing and construction of the concrete trail south of Keenland to Trilby Road was completed in 2010.

A feasibility study to determine if a trail overpass/underpass of Harmony Road is needed will be completed in 2014.


The remaining section of the trail from the Environmental Learning Center to Timnath is planned for construction in two phases.  Timnath will have the trail constructed east of I-25 were the Poudre River crosses under the road in 2013.  We will complete the trail from the historical Strauss Cabin area to the east side of I-25 in 2015.  This will involve an overpass of I-25. The length of this section is about 1 mile.

The section from the ELC to Strauss Cabin requires trail right-of-way along the east side of Ziegler Road where the present concrete plant is located. This section would be about 1 ¾ miles in length. The trail will be constructed when a trail easement can be obtained.


The trail is complete.


The trail system in the northeast portion of Fort Collins is developing as growth occurs.  The total completion of the system will occur as development in the area results in trail easements.


The Boxelder Trail would start at historical Strauss Cabin and travel north to Prospect Road.  The trail is not planned to be constructed until after 2015.


The Canal Trail is located along the Pleasant Valley and Lake Canal will start near Harmony Road and will connect with the Spring Creek Trail near Taft Hill Road.  Trail right-of-way is needed in the area of Taft Hill Road. The 2.25 mile long segment has a section completed just south of Horsetooth Road.  The construction of the trail north of Horsetooth Road is not planned until after 2015.


The Northwest Sub-area Plan completed in 2006 identified trails for this portion of the community.  Construction of the trails is planned for after 2015 due to the need for right-of-way.


Development of the trail north to Prospect Road was completed in 2010.