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RP3 Permits

Residents who live in a designated permit zone may obtain one free permit and may purchase additional permits.

Each household can receive up to five parking permits. The annual fees are as follows:

First vehicle Free
Second vehicle $15.00
Third vehicle $40.00
Fourth vehicle $100.00
Fifth vehicle $200.00

Come to Parking Services located at 215 N. Mason St. and bring with you:

  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Current driver’s license
  • One of the following proofs of residency bearing your name and address within the permit zone:
    • Gas, Electric or Telephone Bill
    • Cable Television Bill
    • Monthly Bank Statement
    • Credit Card Bill
    • Water and Sewer Bill
    • Notarized/signed Rental Agreement

*Note: if your vehicle registration or driver’s license contains your name and address within the permit zone then you do not need to provide another form of residency.


Guest Permits

Residents in a permit parking zone may also obtain short-term guest passes for visitors as long as your guest has no outstanding parking citations.

To obtain a permit for your guest you must supply the following:

  • License plate number
  • State of issue
  • Vehicle make
  • Color
  • Body style (sedan, pickup, motorcycle, etc.)
Guest permit for 24 hours or less Free
Guest permits 25 hours up to 15 days $10.00

The guest permit is valid for a maximum of 15 days. (Number of permits is determined by the Parking Services Manager or designee.)

Work Permits

"Work" permits are available for vehicles providing bona fide services at the residence in a parking permit zone. There is no cost for permits for service vehicles. Owners of service vehicles can apply for and obtain permits at the Parking Services office, 215 N. Mason St. The permits are temporary, and will be issued for the vehicles for the period time they are engaged in work within the residential parking permit zone.

Businesses in parking permit zones

Businesses that are located in a parking permit zone may purchase permits in a residential parking permit zone if there is available parking capacity in the zone after all the residential parking requirements are met. The business permits will be sold on a first come first-serve basis and the cost of the permit is as follows:

First vehicle Free
Second vehicle $15.00
Third vehicle $40.00
Fourth vehicle $100.00
Fifth vehicle $200.00