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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Surveymonkey.Com  professional subscription May-31-2012 $24.00
Ctc  professional subscription May-31-2012 $15.00
37signals-Charge.Com  professional subscription May-31-2012 $49.00
Www.Cal-Webs.Org  Cal dues- membership Purc May-31-2012 $-95.00
Www.Cal-Webs.Org  Cal dues- membership Purc May-31-2012 $95.00
MEYER, CURRIE J ALA May-16-2012 $92.50
SAM'S CLUB DIRECT -LIBRARY DIS   May-16-2012 $35.00
Www.Cal-Webs.Org  Www.Cal-Webs.Org individ Apr-30-2012 $95.00
Intl Assoc Of Admin Pro  Intl Assoc Of Admin Pro Apr-30-2012 $107.00
37signals-Charge.Com  professional subscription Apr-30-2012 $49.00
Surveymonkey.Com  professional subscription Apr-30-2012 $24.00
Ctc  professional subscription Apr-30-2012 $35.00
Pbd Ala-Graph Editions  Ala-Graph Editions month Apr-30-2012 $45.00
Romantic Times Book Cl  subscription Purchase Vie Apr-30-2012 $59.90
The Colorado Statesman  subscription Purchase Vie Apr-30-2012 $52.00
Usa Today Subscriptions  Usa Today Subscriptions Apr-30-2012 $218.40
Total (of all records): $ 25,106.69