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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
El Burrito Restaurant  Atteberry/Horak lunch mee Jun-30-2014 $14.90
Cafe Bluebird  Atteberry/Roy Lunch Meeti Jun-30-2014 $30.85
Starbucks #06570 Fort Col  Atteberry / Nuttall Meeti Jun-30-2014 $5.58
The Silver Grill  Atteberry/Jones/Wade/Stev Jun-30-2014 $39.78
Backcountry Provisions  Mtg re: FEMA Programs Jun-30-2014 $35.85
The Silver Grill  Atteberry/Ramirez lunch m Jun-30-2014 $25.00
The Boot Grill  Atteberry/Overbeck lunch Jun-30-2014 $25.90
[P.O. # 1405594]
Weinheimer-Caucus Mtg 041514 Jun-27-2014 $13.00
Downtownfortcollins.Com  DBA Downtown Member Socia May-30-2014 $15.74
Austins  Atteberry-Provost Mtg Pur May-30-2014 $38.44
Austins American Grill  Atteberry-Poppaw 1x1 Purc May-30-2014 $25.90
Dazbog Coffee #10  Atteberry-Poppaw Mtg Purc May-30-2014 $1.90
Fcb Gravity Ten Twenty  Atteberry-Sears Mtg Purch May-30-2014 $36.00
Suehiro  Atteberry-Mall Mtg Purcha May-30-2014 $24.68
Tokyo Joes Grant  Weinheimer-Mtg re: Red Li May-30-2014 $17.23
Panera Bread #3063  Weinheimer-General Assemb May-30-2014 $12.30
Garbanzo Mediterranean G  Atteberry-Campana 1x1 Pur May-30-2014 $18.22
El Burrito Restaurant  Atteberry-Horak 1x1 Purch May-30-2014 $12.06
Dazbog Coffee #10  Atteberry-Troxell 1x1 Pur May-30-2014 $5.30
Austins American Grill  Atteberry-Mall Mtg Purcha May-30-2014 $89.70
[P.O. # 1403860]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 4/1/14 May-07-2014 $-13.00
[P.O. # 1403860]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 4/1/14 May-02-2014 $13.00
Jays American Bistro  Williams/Bhorrans Retirem Apr-30-2014 $32.91
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Atteberry-Troxell 1x1 Apr-30-2014 $33.25
Panera Bread #3079  Atteberry-Cunniff 1x1 Apr-30-2014 $18.26
Sq *starry Night Espresso  Atteberry-Mtg w/Bloom Apr-30-2014 $5.83
Snooze  GMA Finalist Lunch Apr-30-2014 $72.48
Sq *starry Night Espresso  Atteberry-Frank Mtg Apr-30-2014 $8.21
Mainline Llc  Atteberry-Public Infrastr Apr-30-2014 $35.00
Dazbog Coffee #15  Atteberry-Mtg w/Skutchan Apr-30-2014 $7.39
Downtownfortcollins.Com  Atteberry-DBA Member Soci Apr-30-2014 $15.74
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  Atteberry-Roy 1x1 Apr-30-2014 $9.00
[P.O. # 1403637]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 4/15/14 Apr-28-2014 $13.00
[P.O. # 1402763]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 3/18/14 Apr-01-2014 $13.00
Bisettis Italian Restaura  DCM Interviews Purchase V Mar-31-2014 $64.41
Austins  Atteberry-Poppaw 1x1 Purc Mar-31-2014 $22.90
Austins  Atteberry-Overbeck 1x1 Pu Mar-31-2014 $22.44
Cafe Vino  Weinheimer-WH Taskforce E Mar-31-2014 $33.98
The Silver Grill  Atteberry-Mtg re: Open Sp Mar-31-2014 $18.43
Sq *starry Night Espresso  Atteberry-Mtg w/Kirkpatri Mar-31-2014 $9.60
Panera Bread #3079  Atteberry-Cunniff 1x1 Pur Mar-31-2014 $16.12
Dougs Day Diner  DCM Finalist Interview Pu Mar-31-2014 $26.50
Dougs Day Diner  Atteberry-Mtg w/Hoffman P Mar-31-2014 $12.81
Dazbog Coffee #10  Atteberry-Mtg w/Horst Pur Mar-31-2014 $5.84
Backcountry Provisions  Atteberry-WW Project Upda Mar-31-2014 $57.75
[P.O. # 1401881]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 2/18/14 Mar-04-2014 $13.00
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  Atteberry-Mtg w/Eddy Purc Feb-27-2014 $14.50
Dazbog Coffee #10  Atteberry-Overbeck 1x1 Pu Feb-27-2014 $6.34
Tasty Harmony  Atteberry-Overbeck 1x1 Pu Feb-27-2014 $33.50
Enzios Italian Kitchen  Atteberry-Troxell 1x1 Pur Feb-27-2014 $30.00
Total (of all records): $ 9,891.31