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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Paypal  Atteberry-CCCMA Conf Reg Feb-28-2013 $225.00
National League Of Cities  Atteberry-NLC Conf Reg Pu Feb-28-2013 $495.00
Marriott Chicago Northwes  Atteberry-Chicago Trip Pu Feb-28-2013 $212.75
Icma Internet  Atteberry-ICMA Regional C Feb-28-2013 $285.00
Dia Parking Operations  Atteberry - Dia Parking O Feb-28-2013 $44.00
Chi Taxi Med 1495  Atteberry-Chicago Trip Pu Feb-28-2013 $75.00
American Taxi Dispatch  Atteberry- Chicago Trip T Feb-28-2013 $37.00
Agent Fee  Atteberry-Chicago Trip Pu Feb-28-2013 $30.00
United  Daggett-Chicago Trip Purc Feb-28-2013 $33.00
[P.O. # 1301384]
Parking-CML Hearings Feb-11-2013 $48.00
1221 Sherman  Atteberry-CML Policy Comm Jan-31-2013 $10.00
National League Of Cities  Wienheimer-NLC Conf Jan-31-2013 $495.00
ATTEBERRY, DARIN MEETING Jan-17-2013 $106.50
Doubletree Missoula  Jones-Parking Review Dec-28-2012 $94.09
Woodlands  Atteberry-Big Ideas Conf Dec-28-2012 $320.80
Hertz Rent-A-Car  Atteberry-Big Ideas Conf Dec-28-2012 $117.52
Dia Parking Operations  Atteberry-Big Ideas Conf Dec-28-2012 $84.00
Alliance For Innovation  Atteberry-Alliance for In Dec-28-2012 $450.00
Agent Fee  Jones-Parking Evaluation Nov-30-2012 $30.00
Eb *quest For Excellen  Jones-Quest for Excellenc Nov-30-2012 $100.00
Agent Fee  Atteberry-2012 Big Ideas Nov-30-2012 $30.00
Dia Parking Operations  Atteberry-2012 ICMA Conf Nov-30-2012 $50.00
Sheraton  Atteberry-2012 ICMA Conf Nov-30-2012 $501.79
Usairways  Atteberry-2012 Big Ideas Nov-30-2012 $453.20
United  Atteberry-Parking Evaluat Nov-30-2012 $729.60
E 470 Express Tolls  Atteberry-2012 ICMA Conf Nov-30-2012 $28.30
Agent Fee  Atteberry-Parking Evaluat Nov-30-2012 $30.00
United  Jones-Parking Evaluation Nov-30-2012 $877.60
JONES, DIANE G FAM TOUR Nov-14-2012 $71.72
Total (of all records): $ 20,795.82