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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Msc Barnes  zip ties and paint Jul-31-2013 $56.05
Interwest Safety Suppl  4th of July safety suppli Jul-31-2013 $2,972.05
Office Depot #1080  copier paper Jul-31-2013 $53.32
Rei 49 Fort Collins  Pants Jul-31-2013 $208.50
Downtown Ace Hardware  draw knife Jul-31-2013 $52.99
Ex *arborwear 1383116  Clothing Purchase Jul-31-2013 $251.86
Poudre Valley Coop  Wheel for gate Jul-31-2013 $17.99
Jax Ranch & Home  Chain Saw Parts Jul-31-2013 $142.72
Gilsdorf Canvas & Awning  Diaper for Veermer Jul-31-2013 $25.00
Jax Outdoor Gear  Knives Jul-31-2013 $113.98
Ulrich Blueprint Co  Copies Jul-31-2013 $18.48
Ulrich Blueprint Co  Copies Jul-31-2013 $15.36
Downtown Business Associa  DBA cards for employee mi Jul-31-2013 $150.00
Downtown Business Associa  Gift cards Jul-31-2013 $156.00
King Soopers #0018  Party Supplies Jul-31-2013 $19.97
Dolrtree 2692 00026922  Party Supplies Jul-31-2013 $10.00
The Home Depot #1544  Edging Jul-31-2013 $85.81
Downtown Ace Hardware  rat poison Purchase Viewe Jun-28-2013 $8.49
King Soopers #0009  Zac Hall Party Purchase V Jun-28-2013 $35.56
Batteries Plus #86  Cell Phone Battery Purcha Jun-28-2013 $32.99
Elite Landscape Supply  Soil Purchase Viewed and Jun-28-2013 $21.74
Legendary Marketing  Purchase Legendary Market Jun-28-2013 $311.58
Firehosedirect.Com  hoses Purchase Viewed and Jun-28-2013 $1,368.99
The Home Depot 1512  Planting Stakes Purchase Jun-28-2013 $11.88
Downtown Ace Hardware  Tape Purchase Viewed and Jun-28-2013 $13.47
Office Max  Supplies Purchase Viewed Jun-28-2013 $31.92
Calendars  Day Timer Purchase Viewed Jun-28-2013 $44.98
King Soopers #0009  kitchen supplies Purchase Jun-28-2013 $11.76
Bath Power Equipment  Chain Saw Parts Purchase Jun-28-2013 $660.73
Pioneer Sand Company  Red Rocks Purchase Viewe Jun-28-2013 $61.77
[P.O. # 9133154]
13 K-9 bow targets Jun-18-2013 $6,487.00
Encore Uniform & Apparel  ranger gear May-31-2013 $870.26
Precision Knife & Tool  Chipper Knives May-31-2013 $45.00
Jax Ranch & Home  Clothes May-31-2013 $187.29
Bath Power Equipment  Chain Saw Parts May-31-2013 $56.32
Bath Power Equipment  Pump Parts May-31-2013 $283.33
Apparel Imaging Specialt  Logos May-31-2013 $17.50
Ulrich Blueprint Co  Copy May-31-2013 $44.00
Ulrich Blueprint Co  Copy May-31-2013 $6.60
Doug Weitzel Excavating  Top Soil May-31-2013 $220.00
[P.O. # 1304730]
Clothing May-31-2013 $503.30
Downtown Business Associa  Milestone anniversary rec May-31-2013 $200.00
Fedexoffice 00016022  Forestry - Arbor Day prin May-31-2013 $105.00
Jax Ranch & Home  Supplies May-31-2013 $202.79
Jax Ranch & Home  Deer Repellant May-31-2013 $26.98
Galls Intern  ranger gear May-31-2013 $62.90
Downtown Business Associa  Purchase Downtown Busines Apr-30-2013 $153.00
Bath Power Equipment  Chainsaw Parts Apr-30-2013 $30.74
King Soopers #0009  Motor Oil Apr-30-2013 $9.98
R N R Supply  Plumbing Parts Apr-30-2013 $17.70
Total (of all records): $ 81,057.77