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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Int*hageman Earth Cycle I  playground mulch Purchase Aug-29-2014 $158.70
C D Fasteners  bridge repair Jul-31-2014 $28.00
Josephs Hardware  pest control Jul-31-2014 $13.49
Cps Distributors Inc Foc  edging and pins Jul-31-2014 $153.58
Cps Distributors Inc Foc  landscape pins Jul-31-2014 $50.00
Msc Class C  Credit Voucher Msc Class Jul-31-2014 $-271.36
Downtown Ace Hardware  Hardware Jul-31-2014 $5.96
Downtown Ace Hardware  shims Jul-31-2014 $2.29
Hd Supply White Cap #043  Epoxy Jul-31-2014 $318.38
Clays Ace Hardware  supplies Jul-31-2014 $80.92
Hd Supply White Cap #043  epoxy Jul-31-2014 $49.16
Lowes #02697  supplies Jul-31-2014 $20.44
Downtown Ace Hardware  latch Jul-31-2014 $6.99
Clays Ace Hardware  lock and keys Jul-31-2014 $23.88
The Home Depot #1544  landscape materials Jul-31-2014 $21.00
The Home Depot 1512  playground supplies Jul-31-2014 $8.24
[P.O. # 1406009]
Irrigation Supplies Jul-10-2014 $98.57
[P.O. # 1405817]
Wood Fiber Jul-07-2014 $1,500.00
Play Power Lt  playground equip Jun-30-2014 $1,087.00
Playpower Lt Farmington  playground equip Jun-30-2014 $488.00
The Rock Garden  rocks Jun-30-2014 $558.00
C D Fasteners  screws Jun-30-2014 $5.00
The Home Depot #1544  fountian parts Jun-30-2014 $24.96
Cps Distributors Inc Foc  backflow parts Jun-30-2014 $29.92
Msc Class C  materials Jun-30-2014 $24.51
L.L. Johnson Dist  Purchase L.L. Johnson Dis Jun-30-2014 $39.74
The Home Depot #1544  tape Jun-30-2014 $75.22
Gilsdorf Canvas And Awnin  flags Jun-30-2014 $224.00
Msc Class C  graffiti remover Jun-30-2014 $61.14
Pioneer Sand Company  edging and fabric Jun-30-2014 $155.50
Clays Ace Hardware  fountain part Jun-30-2014 $2.42
Msc Class C  cable ties Jun-30-2014 $127.38
Downtown Ace Hardware  hardware Jun-30-2014 $14.07
The Home Depot 1512  bricks Purchase Viewed an May-30-2014 $124.95
Downtown Ace Hardware  hardware Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $1.69
Downtown Ace Hardware  fasteners Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $23.94
The Home Depot 1512  tools and supplies Purcha May-30-2014 $77.61
Downtown Ace Hardware  Credit Voucher Downtown A May-30-2014 $-1.50
Downtown Ace Hardware  drain cover Purchase View May-30-2014 $37.48
The Home Depot #1544  drain cover Purchase View May-30-2014 $5.87
Downtown Ace Hardware  epoxy Purchase Viewed and May-30-2014 $22.47
The Home Depot 1512  playground supplies Purch May-30-2014 $9.97
Cedar Supply  lumber Purchase Viewed an May-30-2014 $140.16
The Home Depot #1544  cart repair Purchase View May-30-2014 $38.94
Fort Collins Monument  replacement vase - Cindy May-30-2014 $65.63
Patriot Colors Llc  new flags - Roselawn Purc May-30-2014 $858.00
The Home Depot #1544  workout station repair Pu May-30-2014 $40.68
Ww Grainger  underpass mirrors Purchas May-30-2014 $192.68
[P.O. # 9142971]
69128 May-29-2014 $33.88
Ww Grainger  mirrors Apr-30-2014 $179.10
Total (of all records): $ 77,126.82