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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Apr-02-2014 $5,849.25
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Apr-02-2014 $4,289.50
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Mar-04-2014 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Mar-04-2014 $4,289.50
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Mar-01-2014 $5,849.25
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Feb-03-2014 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Feb-03-2014 $4,289.50
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Feb-03-2014 $5,849.25
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Jan-02-2014 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Jan-02-2014 $4,289.50
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Jan-02-2014 $5,849.25
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Dec-04-2013 $5,849.25
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Dec-03-2013 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Dec-03-2013 $4,289.50
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Nov-06-2013 $5,849.25
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Nov-01-2013 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9) (AC   Nov-01-2013 $4,289.50
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Oct-02-2013 $3,923.06
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Oct-02-2013 $5,849.25
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9)   Oct-02-2013 $4,289.50
SMIGELSKY, DALE W (GOLF SERVIC   Sep-06-2013 $3,923.06
PERRY, DOUG (GOLF PRO CP9)   Sep-06-2013 $4,289.50
MCCLEAVE, DAVID R   Sep-04-2013 $5,849.25
Total (of all records): $ 533,634.68