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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
VOYTKO, LISA   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
SAMPLEY, KENNETH   Oct-01-2012 $42.50
SHAFII, CRYSTAL   Oct-01-2012 $45.27
PURVIS, VIRGINIA   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
SANCHEZ, ANTHONY CESAR   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
DAHLGREN, ERIC   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BURKE, BRAD   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
AUSTIN, REBECCA F   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BUFFINGTON, ROGER L   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CORDOVA, LOUIS (JR)   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CLARK, ROBERT (BOB)   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
DAHLGREN, JUDY   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CAMENSON, MARCEE   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
COLLIER, KATHY   Oct-01-2012 $75.00
DERSHAM, MIKE   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
ANDERSON, ERIK   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BARBER, JAY C   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
D'AUDNEY, LAURIE   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
DUSTIN, DONALD L   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BADER, KRAIG E   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
FISHER, BRIAN A   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CANNON, JEFFREY P   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CATANACH, STEVE   Oct-01-2012 $79.00
DEVOE, KIM   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
FIELDS, JUSTIN L   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
COSNER, PHILLIP   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BAULEO, PABLO   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BROMLEY, ADAM   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
EVANS, MARY   Oct-01-2012 $50.00
CLEMENTS, LORI AILEEN   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
DECELLE, MICHAEL J   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
BYRNE, BEVIA   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
DALGADO, CARLOS   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
Total (of all records): $ 78,685.72