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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
HADENFELDT, RAMONA   Oct-10-2012 $112.70
GARBER, KRISTY S   Oct-10-2012 $48.43
DURAN, KELLEY A   Oct-10-2012 $48.43
PENA, CHRISTINE   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
MCINTOSH, MARY B   Oct-03-2012 $112.70
GIRON, TONY JR   Oct-03-2012 $112.70
CASSONE, TRICIA   Oct-03-2012 $112.70
HOODMAKER, CAROLYN F   Oct-03-2012 $112.70
STULL, ELMA   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
GRANT, ELSA   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
FULLER, JOAN   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
DEMANCHE, MICHAEL   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
BUERKLIN, MONIKA AND KURT   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
GREEN, JOY   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
DANTZLER, PAMELA   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
JOHNSTON, CHARLES   Oct-03-2012 $112.70
LUCAS, JAMES   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
FU, QI   Oct-03-2012 $66.30
WHITE, FRANCES   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
HARDISTER, MICHAEL   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
HELLER, BARBARA M   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
JAMIESON, MARGARETE   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
MCMILLEN, BARBARA   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
VALENCIA, MARY   Oct-03-2012 $48.43
Total (of all records): $ 11,028.57