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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
CREATIVE DATA PRODUCTS   Jul-11-2012 $6,004.33
COMPUTYPE INC   Feb-06-2013 $2,588.00
CREATIVE DATA PRODUCTS   Jul-24-2012 $2,258.95
CREATIVE DATA PRODUCTS   Oct-05-2012 $2,253.19
Downtown Business Associa  employee req. Dec-28-2012 $2,000.00
All Occasions Catering  Catering employee recogn Feb-28-2013 $1,720.90
JANWAY COMPANY USA INC   Nov-14-2012 $1,437.00
[P.O. # 9130552]
2013 ESTIMATED ANNUALORDER TO Jan-24-2013 $1,219.90
SPECIALTY STORE SERVICES INC   Mar-27-2013 $1,167.28
Imprint Plus  name tags Mar-28-2013 $951.31
KENT ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO   Sep-05-2012 $936.93
Gaylord Bros Inc  Panel Mar-28-2013 $933.76
GOOD L CORP   Dec-12-2012 $859.86
All Sports Trophies  All Sports Trophies Webs Jul-31-2012 $742.50
DEMCO INC   Jul-18-2012 $541.35
Best Buy Mht 00002253  b-top Ipad Dec-28-2012 $504.96
Showcases  other supplies Purchase V Nov-30-2012 $492.70
Office Depot #1080  wall clocks Purchase View Jul-31-2012 $450.80
Downtown Business Associa  contest prizes Apr-30-2013 $384.00
Showcases  other supplies Purchase V Jul-31-2012 $371.20
Stock Control 08-02-2012 2 Aug-02-2012 $346.33
Cdw Direct Llc  other supplies Purchase V Feb-28-2013 $341.90
REPROGRAPHICS INC   Oct-24-2012 $321.40
Wireless Doorbell Store  remodel Wireless Doorbe Jul-31-2012 $314.66
The Home Depot #1544  maintenance supplies Purc Oct-31-2012 $311.62
Myjewelerybox Com  not a authorized charge P Feb-28-2013 $301.95
3M LIBRARY SYSTEMS   Feb-27-2013 $290.38
Demco Inc  other supplies easel's Pu Feb-28-2013 $287.95
[P.O. # 9131811]
2013 ESTIMATED ANNUALORDER TO Apr-09-2013 $283.00
The Home Depot #1544  maintenance supplies Purc Nov-30-2012 $274.14
REPROGRAPHICS INC   Aug-22-2012 $268.80
Office Depot #2737  staff day gift cards & su Nov-30-2012 $261.66
Demco Inc  headphones Apr-30-2013 $258.14
[P.O. # 9131138]
2013 ESTIMATED ANNUALORDER TO Feb-27-2013 $258.00
[P.O. # 1200233]
multi invoices Sep-12-2012 $252.00
Shelfwiz  other supplies answer she Nov-30-2012 $251.50
Scholastic Inc. Key 6  books / other supplies so Jan-31-2013 $250.00
Amazon.Com  MTG. meeting room mike sy Oct-31-2012 $239.27
Demco Inc  headphones Purchase Viewe Feb-28-2013 $226.51
Amazon Mktplace Pmts  other supplies temp logge Sep-28-2012 $223.86
Demco Inc  easels Purchase Viewed an Feb-28-2013 $210.54
Lowes #02697  remodel shelves Purchase Jul-31-2012 $207.72
The Home Depot 1512  maintenance suppiles Jan-31-2013 $202.96
Demco Inc  Laminate rolls Purchase V Oct-31-2012 $200.65
Hb  Purchase Hb should get a Jul-31-2012 $199.95
Showcases  supplies Mar-28-2013 $192.02
Pbd Ala-Graph Editions  supplies Mar-28-2013 $182.30
The Home Depot #1544  maintenance suppiles Jan-31-2013 $178.88
REPROGRAPHICS INC   Aug-08-2012 $168.18
Total (of all records): $ 42,125.12