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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
PAYPAL *LETTERLIGHT  speakers Oct-30-2015 $8.44
ORIENTAL TRADING CO  supplies for prog Oct-30-2015 $80.01
USPS 07317095520304770  Postage USPS 073170955203 Oct-30-2015 $3.96
CRESTLINE SPECIALTIES  Graphic Table Cloths for Oct-30-2015 $403.44
TRAMAT  Do not recognize vendor o Oct-30-2015 $10.59
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Tools: metric nut drivers Oct-30-2015 $18.64
WAL-MART #3177  Floor lamps - OTL Oct-30-2015 $38.35  HDMI cables - OTL Oct-30-2015 $35.89
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Apple IPhone Lightning ca Oct-30-2015 $21.00
WWW.ATTICTRUNK.COM  other suppliess Oct-30-2015 $58.72
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE  Thermometers, tools Oct-30-2015 $53.96  Facilites-Mats for book b Oct-30-2015 $37.98
PROFESSIONAL PLASTICS, IN  Facilities-Plexiglass for Oct-30-2015 $96.87
CRESCENT ELECTRIC 126  Facilities-Case of T8 bul Oct-30-2015 $78.08
LANDMARK ELECTRIC LLC  Electricain work Council Oct-30-2015 $120.00
LANDMARK ELECTRIC LLC  Electrician work Old Town Oct-30-2015 $270.00
EMPIRE 3589  Van gas Oct-30-2015 $23.54
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Apple Digital AV adaptor Oct-30-2015 $70.19
DOLRTREE 2692 00026922  Color activity books Oct-30-2015 $11.79
ORIENTAL TRADING CO  storytime supplies and cr Oct-30-2015 $72.04
DOLRTREE 5161 00051615  miscellaneous for staff r Oct-30-2015 $12.00
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Bluetooth speaker for OTL Oct-30-2015 $59.99
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  PLA filament for OTL STRE Oct-30-2015 $43.00
CC GARAGE-3036401096  parking Oct-30-2015 $22.00
MICHAELS STORES 9976  Purchase MICHAELS STORES Oct-30-2015 $6.47
SHOWCASES CA  media cases Oct-30-2015 $45.55
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE  other suppliess Oct-30-2015 $32.96
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Supplies for Dia de los m Oct-30-2015 $41.19
WM SUPERCENTER #1008  Makeup Dia de los muertos Oct-30-2015 $42.33
JO-ANN STORE #2228  Crafts and supplies dia d Oct-30-2015 $69.68
DOLRTREE 3967 00039677  Purchase DOLRTREE 3967 00 Oct-30-2015 $9.67
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Ink for art project rinco Oct-30-2015 $9.48
LYRIC CINEMA CAFE  Program teens presentatio Oct-30-2015 $330.00
WAL-MART #3177  supplies for storytimes f Oct-30-2015 $16.11
BEST BUY MHT 00002253  Movie for program supplie Oct-30-2015 $30.06
ORIENTAL TRADING CO  supplies for storytimes f Oct-30-2015 $139.64
TARGET 00024034  TBD Oct-30-2015 $60.13
OTL*NATIONALCREDITRPT  $$$ Oct-30-2015 $29.95
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Russian stirytime prop Oct-30-2015 $42.90  World Language prop Oct-30-2015 $10.42
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  World Language prop Oct-30-2015 $17.04
WAL-MART #2729  Crafts and cards for stor Oct-30-2015 $62.67
COLORADO RAILROAD  Trains book is spanish fo Oct-30-2015 $31.36  Office Supplies folders Oct-30-2015 $38.97
AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS  Electronic device charger Oct-30-2015 $22.49
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE  Light bulbs Oct-30-2015 $32.96
DOWNTOWN ACE HARDWARE  Plumbing drain cleaners Oct-30-2015 $27.98
BLIND SHINE INC.  Shades for O/T Oct-30-2015 $724.00
PIZZA HUT #2101  Theatre Pals Cast Party P Oct-30-2015 $39.75
USPS 07317095520304770  Postage USPS 073170955203 Oct-30-2015 $1.10
Total (of all records): $ 133,821.46