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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 9140880]
2014 ANNUAL PURCHASE ORDER Feb-06-2014 $1,914.75
Caninos Italian Resta  Caninos Italian Resta st Feb-27-2014 $1,295.00
Rainbow Ltd  Rainbow breakfast Robin Jul-31-2014 $900.00
Rainbow Ltd  Purchase for Barbara C. r Jul-31-2014 $620.00
Santiagos Mexican Rest  Food for Staff holiday pa Jan-31-2014 $556.50
YOUNG DE HERRERA, KATHERINE D   Mar-05-2014 $283.45
BURRITT, ELAINE T   Jan-15-2014 $266.12
Downtown Fort Collins Bus  gift cards Instagram cont Mar-31-2015 $255.00
BURRITT, ELAINE T STAFF FOOD Jan-21-2015 $242.08
The Crooked Cup Too  staff cards rewards req. Dec-31-2014 $225.00
Panera Bread #203079  refreshments for Barbara' Aug-29-2014 $213.04
[P.O. # 1500283]
MULTIPLE INVOICES Jul-07-2015 $205.14
Chick-Fil-A #02346  staff req. & rewards Purc Dec-31-2014 $185.72
Uncles Pizzeria Co  Purchase Uncles Pizzeria Sep-30-2013 $150.43
Safeway Store00010710  all staff refreshments Pu May-30-2014 $143.78
Safeway Store00015529  CAL COPLA refreshments Sep-30-2014 $135.28
King Soopers #0099  all staff meeting Purchas Aug-30-2013 $132.71
The Back Porch  rewards & req. Purchase V Mar-31-2015 $124.50
[P.O. # 1500283]
MULTIPLE INVOICES Jan-09-2015 $117.62
Huhot Mongolian Grill For  rewards & req. Purchase V Jul-31-2015 $114.50
Safeway Store00017913  Staff Day Purchase Viewed Feb-27-2014 $113.94
Safeway Store00017913  Staff day Purchase Viewed Feb-27-2015 $100.00
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandw  rewards Purchase Viewed a Apr-30-2015 $100.00
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandw  rewards Purchase Viewed a Apr-30-2015 $100.00
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandw  rewards Purchase Viewed a Apr-30-2015 $100.00
Office Depot #1080  office supplies Purchase Feb-27-2014 $94.99
Huhot Mongolian Grill For  Huhot Mongolian Grill For Jan-30-2015 $90.00
Wal-Mart #2729  parade candy Purchase Vie Jul-31-2015 $87.79
Dominos 6353  Dominos for staff Purchas Nov-28-2014 $86.51
Albertsons #00876  all staff refreshments May-29-2015 $86.16
Taste Of Philly  BOT lunch Jun-30-2015 $86.15
Albertsons #00876  all staff refreshments P Nov-28-2014 $85.42
Papa Johns #01102  rewards for staff Purchas Nov-28-2014 $83.20
Albertsons #00876  all staff Purchase Viewed Aug-29-2014 $80.63
Pizza Hut #2103  shelf reading project foo Mar-31-2014 $80.15
Safeway Store00010710  BOT refreshments Purchase May-30-2014 $79.43
The Cupboard  BOT holiday Purchase View Jan-31-2014 $79.38
Sq *bedouin Coffee  Rewards and Recongnition Feb-27-2015 $78.60
Safeway Store00010710  BOT refreshments Sep-30-2014 $72.80
Sq *c Cubed Inc. Dba Dazb  all staff meeting Purchas Nov-28-2014 $71.74
Bed Bath & Beyond #194  choc fountain Purchase Vi Dec-31-2014 $70.33
Wal-Mart #2729  refreshments Purchase Vie Oct-31-2013 $68.76
Safeway Store00010710  BOT food Purchase Viewed Feb-27-2015 $68.57
King Soopers #0099  holiday party Purchase Vi Jan-31-2014 $66.84
Safeway Store00010710  bot retreat Purchase View May-30-2014 $64.37
Human Bean Of Fort Collin  refreshments all-staff Pu Nov-29-2013 $64.25
The Human Bean Drive-T  all staff Purchase Viewed Aug-29-2014 $64.25
Dominos 6353  Dominos plzza for elevato Aug-29-2014 $62.39
Safeway Store00010710  BOT food Jun-30-2015 $62.32
The Human Bean Drive-T  coffee all staff Purchase May-30-2014 $59.85
Total (of all records): $ 13,749.42