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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Spoons Soups & Salads  Manager meeting Purchase Jan-31-2014 $10.59
Rainbow Ltd  Catering for N Osbahr far Feb-27-2014 $660.00
Oc-Thornton  FRPSD mtg. meeting Apr-30-2014 $15.23
Target 00024034  teen tech refreshments Apr-30-2014 $7.48
Cinzzettis Italian Market  Directors lunch Purchase May-30-2014 $120.87
Safeway Store00010710  refreshments team meeting May-30-2014 $26.46
La Luz Mexican Grill  bot retreat Purchase View May-30-2014 $40.94
Ingredient Restaurant  PSD IT director lunch Jul-31-2014 $48.10
Paypal  business lunch Jul-31-2014 $25.00
Stapls7120615457000002  office supplies Purchase Aug-29-2014 $20.19
Office Depot #1080  office supplies Purchase Aug-29-2014 $18.78
Austins  business lunch Sep-30-2014 $47.83
Mad Greens 9  orange boy Purchase Viewe Nov-28-2014 $28.61
Safeway Store00010710  refreshments LLT retreat Nov-28-2014 $67.86
Austins  lunch for interview team Jan-30-2015 $69.15
The Crown Pub  lunch for interview team Jan-30-2015 $53.34
Subway 03127677  H R inteviews Purchase Vi Jan-30-2015 $18.36
[P.O. # 9150915]
2015 ANNUAL ORDER FOR Feb-10-2015 $2,076.11
Dominos 6353  team meeting Purchase Vie Feb-27-2015 $21.46
Spoons Soups & Salads  Purchase Spoons Soups & S Feb-27-2015 $1,746.70
Northern Colorado Huma  NCHRA luncheon Purchase V Apr-30-2015 $25.00
Cinzzettis Italian Market  Purchase Cinzzettis Itali May-29-2015 $70.42
King Soopers # 0097  rewards & rec. No SubTy May-29-2015 $47.24
Sq *c Cubed Inc. Dba Dazb  meals Jun-30-2015 $4.08
Sq *c Cubed Inc. Dba Dazb  meals Jun-30-2015 $5.57
Austins  Purchase Austins Purchase Jul-31-2015 $32.19
Austins  business lunch Sep-30-2015 $53.60
JE JU JAPANESE RESTAURANT  Lunch for Kathie recognit Sep-30-2015 $25.68
SQ *MUGS DOWNTOWN  Meals -Meeting with Museu Sep-30-2015 $17.02
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS  Food for Strategic Planni Sep-30-2015 $84.95
EDS CANTINA & GRILL  travel meal Sep-30-2015 $17.65
QDOBA #291  Meals Meeting Vida Sana Sep-30-2015 $8.38
THE HUMAN BEAN DRIVE-T  coffee for the media spec Sep-30-2015 $59.85
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA  Interview lunch Oct-30-2015 $87.76
SQ *MUGS DOWNTOWN  meeting refreshments Oct-30-2015 $10.75
THE HUMAN BEAN DRIVE-T  meeting refreshments Oct-30-2015 $52.90
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA  Interview lunch Oct-30-2015 $86.40
BISETTIS ITALIAN RESTAURA  Interview lunch Oct-30-2015 $83.74
Total (of all records): $ 5,896.24