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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Vzwrlss*apocc Visw  phone service Purchase Vi Jun-29-2012 $643.05
Vzwrlss*apocc Visw  phone service Purchase Vi Aug-31-2012 $622.76
Vzwrlss*apocc Visw  phone service Purchase Vi Jul-31-2012 $605.76
Vzwrlss*apocc Visw  phone service Purchase Vi Sep-28-2012 $565.63
ARAGON, TOVA   Jun-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Jun-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Jun-05-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Jul-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Jul-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Jul-05-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Aug-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Aug-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Aug-08-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Sep-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Sep-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Sep-11-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Oct-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Oct-10-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Nov-13-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Nov-15-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Nov-15-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Dec-01-2012 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Dec-01-2012 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Dec-12-2012 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA   Jan-01-2013 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE   Jan-01-2013 $55.00
CLINK, CYDNEY   Jan-01-2013 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA SMARTPHONE Feb-13-2013 $55.00
ROMSA, IRENE SMARTPHONE Feb-13-2013 $55.00
ARAGON, TOVA SMARTPHONE Mar-13-2013 $55.00
Total (of all records): $ 4,032.20