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Departments Library District Education & Training Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSN EB Library Security Webin Jan-30-2017 $108.00
FORT COLLINS AREA CHAM KD Chamber Economic Summi Dec-29-2016 $80.00
CLIP JU Training Dec-29-2016 $160.03
A LAT FOM FOLK ARTES JU Diversity programs Dec-29-2016 $162.90
INFOPEOPLE Professional development Nov-30-2016 $200.00
PAYPAL *ELDERCARENE workshop Oct-28-2016 $24.00
AMERICAN ASSOC OF MUSEUM JU - Training Impact Team Oct-28-2016 $50.00
EB TEDXBOULDER 2016 JU - Training three ticke Oct-28-2016 $150.00
URBAN LIBRARIES COUNCIL Webinar Registration Fee Sep-30-2016 $150.00
COKE, PAMELA K OUTREACH Sep-30-2016 $800.00
AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOC annual membership Aug-29-2016 $259.00
COLORADO NONPROFITS ASSO 521320 Aug-29-2016 $100.00
AVANT RESORT Extra fee for room Orland Jul-31-2016 $74.88
UNITED 0162608902694 Bags for training Jul-31-2016 $25.00
CONFERENCEEDGE Webinar Jun-30-2016 $150.00
AMAZON VIDEO ON DEMAND AM Watch documentary with te Jun-30-2016 $4.14
AMERLIBASSOC-BRIGHTKEY Cada Nino listo para leer Jun-30-2016 $89.10
CU ATHLETICS EVENT Training May-31-2016 $80.00
UWEX REGISTRATION circulation conf for Holl May-31-2016 $900.00
MTNSTATEEM 2016 Employment law updat May-31-2016 $199.00
AICPA *AICPA CPE direct renewal Apr-29-2016 $252.20
AMERLIBASSOC-BRIGHTKEY Webinar Apr-29-2016 $110.00
CONFERENCEEDGE Webinar Fee Apr-29-2016 $150.00
KMC-HISTORY COLORADO C tickets for MSW intern ho Mar-31-2016 $24.00
PAYPAL *COEVALNET Training Evaluation for I Mar-31-2016 $45.00
FANDANGO.COM Training TED talks Mar-31-2016 $57.00
CONFERENCEEDGE Registration Fee for ULC Mar-31-2016 $150.00
MTNSTATEEM Training Feb-29-2016 $185.00
CSU PARKING SERVICES PAY Parking for MSW training Feb-29-2016 $6.00
LAKESHORE LEARNING MATER Tales Kits replacement Feb-29-2016 $23.95
OLGETREE,DEAKINS,NASH Training fror Kim D. Nov-30-2015 $49.00
CONFERENCEEDGE ULC Webinar Nov-30-2015 $150.00
OLGETREE,DEAKINS,NASH Training for Holly B. Nov-30-2015 $49.00
DIGITAL CHALK Professional development Nov-30-2015 $249.00
PAYPAL *LIBRARYWORK Webinar programing team Nov-30-2015 $39.00
Co Society Cpas Colo CPA Society webinars Aug-31-2015 $170.00
American Library Assoc American Library Assoc w Jul-31-2015 $45.00
American Library Assoc Webinar - S Robb Purchase Jul-31-2015 $35.00
Conferenceedge ULC webinar Purchase View Jul-31-2015 $150.00
Colorado Association Of L Credit Voucher Colorado A May-29-2015 $-35.00
Colorado Association Of L workshop Purchase Viewed Apr-30-2015 $35.00
Conferenceedge ULC webinar Purchase View Apr-30-2015 $150.00
Colorado Association Of L Cal workshop Purchase Vie Apr-30-2015 $35.00
Colorado Association Of L Ra workshop Purchase View Apr-30-2015 $25.00
Aicpa *aicpa CPE Direct subscription r Apr-30-2015 $252.20
Total (of all records): $ 6,317.40