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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 9142004]
2014 ANNUAL PURCHASE ORDER Apr-08-2014 $6,494.80
Zepheira Llc  class Purchase Viewed and Jan-30-2015 $1,590.00
Library Juice Academy  on line class Apr-30-2014 $1,100.00
Nonprofitmarketingguid  webinar series Purchase V Jan-31-2014 $465.00
ENCK RESOURCES STAFF DAY Dec-10-2013 $400.00
Aicpa *aicpa  CPE Direct subscription r Apr-30-2015 $252.20
Aicpa *aicpa  CPE Direct self study tra Apr-30-2014 $236.25
Paypal  webinar series Purchase V Jan-31-2014 $225.00
Larimer County Workforce  Larimer County Workforce Sep-30-2014 $225.00
Pbd Ala-Graph Editions  Ala-Graph Editions talki May-30-2014 $175.50
Library Juice Academy  training Purchase Viewed Nov-29-2013 $175.00
Conferenceedge  Purchase Conferenceedge U Aug-30-2013 $150.00
Conferenceedge  Conference edge webinar Dec-30-2013 $150.00
Conferenceedge  Conference edge webinar Jan-31-2014 $150.00
Peninsula Library Syst  class Apr-30-2014 $150.00
Conferenceedge  ULC webiner Jul-31-2014 $150.00
Conferenceedge  ULC webinar Purchase View Apr-30-2015 $150.00
[P.O. # 1400755]
workshop - management series Jan-21-2014 $100.00
American Library Assoc  webinar training Purchase Mar-31-2014 $99.00
American Library Assoc  American Library Assoc Apr-30-2014 $99.00
Community Resource Center  workshop Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $75.00
Pbd Ala-Graph Editions  workshop Purchase Viewed Dec-31-2014 $67.50
Colorado Associat00 Of 00  workshop Purchase Viewed May-30-2014 $35.00
Colorado Association Of L  Cal workshop Purchase Vie Apr-30-2015 $35.00
Colorado Association Of L  workshop Purchase Viewed Apr-30-2015 $35.00
Colorado Associat00 Of 00  training Sep-30-2013 $30.00
Colorado Associat00 Of 00  dues workshop Purchase Vi Feb-27-2014 $30.00
Colorado Association Of L  cal Purchase Viewed and C Aug-29-2014 $30.00
Paypal  conf. fee Purchase Viewed Jan-30-2015 $29.00
Colorado Association Of L  Ra workshop Purchase View Apr-30-2015 $25.00
Old Firehouse Book  discussion Purchase Viewe Aug-29-2014 $16.10
Blacktie Llc  education Purchase Viewed Aug-30-2013 $10.00
Blacktie Llc  ncnrc Purchase Viewed and Feb-27-2014 $10.00
Csu Parking Services Pay  Csu Parking Sep-30-2014 $6.00
Csu Parking Services Pay  Csu Parking Services Sep-30-2014 $6.00
Csu Parking Services Pay  Csu Parking Services Sep-30-2014 $5.00
Amazon Video On Demand  training Purchase Viewed Nov-28-2014 $3.99
Csu Parking Services Pay  Csu Parking Service Sep-30-2014 $1.00
Colorado Association Of L  Credit Voucher Colorado A May-29-2015 $-35.00
Conferenceedge  Conference edge webinar Jan-31-2014 $-150.00
Library Juice Academy  Credit Credit Voucher Vie May-30-2014 $-1,100.00
Total (of all records): $ 11,676.34