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Departments City Manager's Office Other Supplies
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 1403270]
Jones Retirement Bouquet Apr-14-2014 $180.00
The Right Card Thank You Card - New Belg Apr-30-2014 $3.21
Safeway Store00010710 Supplies Apr-30-2014 $14.01
King Soopers #0099 Jones Retirement Party Su Apr-30-2014 $15.11
Walgreens #9565 Jones Retirement Party Apr-30-2014 $10.99
Downtown Fort Collins Bus DBA Cards Gratitude Progr May-30-2014 $312.00
Downtown Fort Collins Bus Thank You Card Program Pu May-30-2014 $425.00
Tlf Palmer Flowers Roy Memorial Plant Purcha Aug-29-2014 $53.66
Downtown Fort Collins Bus DBA Cards Purchase Viewed Oct-31-2014 $265.00
Flexx Productions Purchase Flexx Production Dec-31-2014 $41.80
Fort Collins Museum Of Di Randy Fischer Award Purch Dec-31-2014 $9.00
Homegoods # 0536 Employee Recognition Supp Jan-30-2015 $10.72
Tlf Palmer Flowers RMPEx Celebration for Ter Jan-30-2015 $75.00
Pictureframes Com CityHall Mayor Display Pu Feb-27-2015 $1,074.21
Downtown Fort Collins Bus Darin Gratitude Fund Purc Feb-27-2015 $208.00
Asq Ecommerce Baldrige Framework Purcha Feb-27-2015 $250.00
Doc-Nist 301-975-3880 Baldrige Framework Purcha Feb-27-2015 $190.00
Tlf Palmer Flowers Flowers for Mayor Purchas Mar-31-2015 $65.00
Albertsons #00862 SOC Staff Recognition Pur Apr-30-2015 $30.30
Wm Supercenter #3177 Unger Farewell Purchase V Apr-30-2015 $21.38
Wal-Mart #3177 Unger Farewell Credit Cre Apr-30-2015 $-7.29
[P.O. # 1504123]
Employee Recog Week Supplies May-15-2015 $103.62
[P.O. # 1504117]
Employee Recog Week Supplies May-15-2015 $273.92
Deeper Calling Media Llc ERW Supplies May-29-2015 $206.97
Downtown Fort Collins Bus Downtown FC Gift Cards May-29-2015 $205.00
Wal-Mart #2729 Machalek Farewell May-29-2015 $47.96
[P.O. # 1508074]
For the Love of Cities Supplie Sep-14-2015 $119.69
WM SUPERCENTER #3177 For the Love of Cities Su Oct-30-2015 $27.30
DOWNTOWN FORT COLLINS BUS DBA Cards Darin's Gratitu Oct-30-2015 $312.00
CSU PARKING SERVICES CSU Parking Passes Oct-30-2015 $150.00
STAPLES 00114504 For the Love of Cities Su Oct-30-2015 $44.98
TLF PALMER FLOWERS Prassas Get Well Bouquet Dec-29-2015 $67.16
VERN'S TOFFEE HOUSE CDT Thank You Jan-28-2016 $46.75
WAL-MART #3177 CMO Xmas Activity Feb-29-2016 $11.58
RELAY MAIL & GIFTS USCM Livability Award Sup Mar-31-2016 $1.23
TLF PAUL WOOD FLORIST Sympathy Bouquet Mar-31-2016 $52.94
IN *FRIJOLEF CANYON TRADI Sympathy Bouquet Mar-31-2016 $55.00
Total (of all records): $ 4,973.20