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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
[P.O. # 1301202]
Weinheimer - Caucus 1/29/13 Feb-01-2013 $13.00
Austins  Atteberry-Mtg re: Mall Pu Feb-28-2013 $25.90
Austins  Atteberry-Ohlson 1x1 Purc Feb-28-2013 $49.75
Corner Bakery Cafe1531  Atteberry-Manvel 1x1 Purc Feb-28-2013 $34.65
Panera Bread #3082  Atteberry-Mtg re: Mall Pu Feb-28-2013 $9.19
Snooze An Am Eatery  Atteberry-Horak Mtg 1x1 P Feb-28-2013 $20.90
Snooze An Am Eatery  Atteberry-Poppaw 1x1 Purc Feb-28-2013 $31.75
Starbucks #05449 Fort Col  Atteberry-Business Mtg Pu Feb-28-2013 $7.84
The Moot House  Atteberry-mtg re: Mall Pu Feb-28-2013 $60.50
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  Atteberry-DiMartino 1x1 P Feb-28-2013 $17.44
The 415  Atteberry-Weitkunat 1x1 P Feb-28-2013 $25.60
Starbucks #05449 Fort Col  Atteberry-Business Mtg Pu Feb-28-2013 $2.09
Snooze An Am Eatery  Atteberry-Business Mtg Pu Feb-28-2013 $30.25
Rio Grande Mexican Fort  Atteberry-Mtg w/ Mamet an Feb-28-2013 $42.95
Genoa Coffee & Wine  Atteberry-Demint Mtg Purc Feb-28-2013 $8.88
[P.O. # 1302038]
Weinheimer-Caucus Mtg 2/12/13 Mar-01-2013 $13.00
[P.O. # 1302597]
Weinheimer-2/26/13 Caucus Mtg Mar-18-2013 $13.00
[P.O. # 1302705]
Weinheimer-CML Caucus 3/19/13 Mar-21-2013 $13.00
Cb And Potts Collindale  Atteberry-Business Mtg Mar-28-2013 $37.96
Spoons Soups & Salads  Atteberry-Manvel 1x1 Mar-28-2013 $15.30
Snooze An Am Eatery  Atteberry-Horak 1x1 Mar-28-2013 $25.00
Taipan Restaurant  Development Improvement O Mar-28-2013 $81.35
Csu Aspen Grille  Atteberry-Poppaw 1x1 Mar-28-2013 $29.53
Dougs Day Diner  Atteberry-Tom Demint 1x1 Mar-28-2013 $64.05
Little Bird Bake Shop  Atteberry-Mtg w/Hendee & Mar-28-2013 $7.50
Dougs Day Diner  Atteberry-Robenault 1x1 Mar-28-2013 $25.62
[P.O. # 1303174]
Weinheimer-4/02/13 Caucus Mtg Apr-08-2013 $13.00
East Moon Asian Bi  CMO Intern Interviews Apr-30-2013 $21.00
Cafe Athens  03/14/2013 Councilwoman L Apr-30-2013 $18.00
Enzios Italian Kitchen  03/26/2013 W. Troxell and Apr-30-2013 $31.50
Jays American Bistro  Mayor Pro Tem K Ohlson & Apr-30-2013 $28.10
Jays American Bistro  03/19/2013 Mayor Weitkuna Apr-30-2013 $36.50
Jays American Bistro  03/27/2013 Mayor Pro Tem Apr-30-2013 $33.25
Starbucks #06570 Fort Col  Doug Hutchinson and D Att Apr-30-2013 $3.38
Taipan Restaurant  Councilman Ben Manvel and Apr-30-2013 $16.80
The Crown Pub  03/14/2013 K Ohlson & D A Apr-30-2013 $35.90
The Egg And I College  03/08/2013 D Atteberry & Apr-30-2013 $25.76
The Egg And I College  03/25/2013 D Atteberry & Apr-30-2013 $25.76
Backcountry Provisions  Atteberry - Anhueser- Bus Apr-30-2013 $55.00
Backcountry Provisions  Atteberry-Tom DeMint Meet Apr-30-2013 $26.50
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sanwh  03/28/13 Book Club Meetin Apr-30-2013 $10.22
Total (of all records): $ 1,086.67