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Departments City Council Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
SQ *GENOA COFFEE & Martinez-Mtg w/Hutto Mar-31-2017 $15.51
CHOICE CITY BUTCHER & DEL Troxell-Mtg w/Donnely Jan-30-2017 $20.00
STARBUCKS STORE 26207 Overbeck-Poudre Heritage Jan-30-2017 $4.55
Austins Troxell-Mtg w/Mooney Jan-30-2017 $41.85
SQ *DOWNTOWN ARTERY Overbeck-CSU Mtg Jan-30-2017 $5.50
Campana-Mtg w Denver Councilpe
[P.O. # 1700167]
Campana-Denver Mtg Jan-09-2017 $42.26
SQ *BINDLE COFFEE Martinez-Mtg w/Campana Nov-30-2016 $17.84
WILD BOAR COFFEE Overbeck-Mtg w/McGlaun Nov-30-2016 $6.16
SQ *DOWNTOWN ARTERY CAFE Overbeck-Mtg with CAO Nov-30-2016 $10.32
PAYPAL *ELDERCARENE Overbeck-Bridge the Gap E Oct-28-2016 $24.00
Austins Troxell-Mtg w/CSU Oct-28-2016 $52.35
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Troxell-Mtg w/Ray Oct-28-2016 $29.90
CHOICE CITY BUTCHER & DEL Troxell-Mtg w/Donnelly Sep-30-2016 $22.50
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Troxell-Mtg w/Blackford Sep-30-2016 $35.85
Horak-CML Regional Mtg
[P.O. # 1608763]
Horak-CML Regional Mtg Sep-09-2016 $25.00
Overbeck-CML Regional Mtg
[P.O. # 1608763]
Overbeck-CML Regional Mtg Sep-09-2016 $25.00
SQ *DOWNTOWN ARTERY CAFE Overbeck-Daggett 1x1 Jul-31-2016 $8.98
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS Overbeck-Mtg re: Catholic Jul-31-2016 $9.60
CHOICE CITY BUTCHER & DEL Troxell-Mtg w/Huang Jun-30-2016 $30.00
LITTLE BIRD BAKE SHOP Overbeck-Mtg w/Robenault Jun-30-2016 $6.30
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Troxel-Weitkunate 1x1 May-31-2016 $33.90
SQ *GATHER FORT COL Overbeck-Mtg w/Daggett Mar-31-2016 $8.75
TASTY HARMONY Overbeck-Atteberry 1x1 Feb-29-2016 $30.40
SQ *DOWNTOWN ARTERY CAFE Overbeck-Daggett 1x1 Jan-28-2016 $9.85
STARBUCKS #06570 FORT COL Troxell-Atteberry 1x1 Jan-28-2016 $7.30
EB 2016 POUDRE RIVER Overbeck-Poudre River For Jan-28-2016 $50.00
SQ *BINDLE COFFEE Martinez-Chat Mtg Dec-29-2015 $8.25
COFC SENIOR CENTER Troxell-Historical Cafe M Dec-29-2015 $20.00
ENZIOS ITALIAN KITCHEN Troxell-Cunniff 1x1 Dec-29-2015 $32.00
JIMMY JOHNS GOURMET SANWH Martinez-Oral History Int Dec-29-2015 $38.14
SQ *BEAN CYCLE ROASTERS Overbeck-Mtg w/Daggett Nov-30-2015 $10.00
ROCKY MOUNTAIN BAGEL WORK Martinez-Mtg w/Ginal Nov-30-2015 $6.60
THE KITCHEN-FORT COLLI Troxell-Business Mtg Nov-30-2015 $47.75
Austins Troxell-Mtg w/Atchison Nov-30-2015 $37.90
TOWN OF SEVERANCE Martinez-CML Mtg Nov-30-2015 $20.00
MARRIOTT FT COLLINS CLUB Martinez-Novak Mtg Nov-30-2015 $18.00
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS Cunniff-Mtg w/Novak Nov-30-2015 $10.84
Austins Troxell-Atteberry 1x1 Oct-30-2015 $35.40
STARBUCKS #06570 FORT COL Overbeck/Atteberry-1x1 Oct-30-2015 $6.87
The Moot House Troxell-Cunniff 1x1 Sep-30-2015 $33.35
CSU BAGEL PLACE 2 Stephens-Business Mtg Sep-30-2015 $6.17
Horak-CML District 2 Mtg
[P.O. # 1508017]
Horak-CML District 2 Mtg Sep-14-2015 $20.00
Overbeck-CML District 2 Mtg
[P.O. # 1508017]
Overbeck-CML District 2 M Sep-14-2015 $20.00
Rocky Mountain Bagel Work Martinez-Mtg w/Loeffler P Aug-31-2015 $7.60
Sq *downtown Artery Cafe Overbeck-Mtg w/Robenalt P Aug-31-2015 $7.75
The 415 Troxell-Mtg re: Boxelder Aug-31-2015 $21.75
Enzios Italian Kitchen Troxell-Weitkunate 1x1 Pu Aug-31-2015 $34.00
Austins Troxell-Mtg w/Walker Purc Aug-31-2015 $50.35
Sq *starry Night Espresso Overbeck-Mtg w/Daggett Pu Aug-31-2015 $8.07
Wholefds Ftc 10147 Martinez-Mtg w/Horak Purc Jul-31-2015 $8.50
Starbucks #11169 Johnstow Troxell-mtg re: City Foun Jun-30-2015 $9.55
Enzios Italian Kitchen Troxell-Overbeck 1x1 May-29-2015 $22.45
Chilis Ft. Collins Troxell-Martinez 1x1 May-29-2015 $30.81
Rb-Centerra Poppaw-PFA Mtg Purchase V Apr-30-2015 $52.30
Total (of all records): $ 1,198.07