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Departments FC Moves Meals - Business, Non Travel
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
CHIPOTLE 0250 BAC Meals Mar-31-2017 $140.00
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS BAC Meals Feb-28-2017 $96.75
TST* NICK'S FC Moves Year End Plannin Jan-30-2017 $133.75
RAINBOW LTD FC Bike Staff lunch retre Dec-29-2016 $47.28
GARBANZO MEDITERRANEAN G BAP Member Orientation Me Nov-30-2016 $214.50
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS Food for Smart Cycling Oct-28-2016 $79.40
TASTY HARMONY Pd. for 1/2 of the workin Oct-28-2016 $40.45
A CUT ABOVE BREAKFAST & D BAC Meal Oct-28-2016 $173.00
COZZOLAS PIZZA - FORT Bike/Ped Count Training M Oct-28-2016 $307.48
PIZZA HUT #2104 Food for Cycling with Chi Sep-30-2016 $58.14
PIZZA HUT #2103 Smart Cycling Food Sep-30-2016 $107.74
SERIOUS TEXAS BARBQ V TBoard Meal Aug-29-2016 $140.76
GARBANZO MEDITERRANEAN G FC Moves Retreat Aug-29-2016 $179.69
CHEBA HUT - FT COLLINS WE Snacks for Smart Cycling Aug-29-2016 $89.87
BACKCOUNTRY PROVISIONS Bike Projects Design Kick Jul-31-2016 $100.50
JIMMY JOHNS - 641 Smart Cycling food Jun-30-2016 $52.20
PIZZA CASBAH Meals BAC May-31-2016 $121.25
TI LOUNGE LCI Meals May-31-2016 $273.88
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS LCI Meals May-31-2016 $152.25
SQ *SLYCE PIZZA CO. LCI Meals May-31-2016 $97.00
JIMMY JOHNS - 641 Smart Cycling Food May-31-2016 $101.64
SPOONS SOUPS & SALADS Bicycle Ambassador Member Apr-29-2016 $205.09
QDOBA #307 Food - Jr. BAP RMHS Celeb Apr-29-2016 $53.00
KING SOOPERS #0009 Bicycle Ambassador Member Apr-29-2016 $8.37
JASON DELI #605 Lunch from Jason's Deli f Apr-29-2016 $81.00
Mangiamo Pronto FC Moves Retreat Meals Apr-29-2016 $83.15
PHO-NATIC FC Moves Retreat Meals Apr-29-2016 $134.72
DOWNTOWN FORT COLLINS BUS Seasonal Campaigns - Bike Feb-29-2016 $110.00
RAINBOW LTD Food for BAP Appreciation Feb-29-2016 $350.00
SHAMBHALA MOUNTAIN CTR Lunch FC Moves Retreat Oct-30-2015 $90.00
THE LABORATORY Purchase THE LABORATORY Oct-30-2015 $56.15
SQ *THE GOODNESS, LLC Purchase SQ *THE GOODNESS Sep-30-2015 $24.00
SQ *THE SILVER SEED Purchase SQ *THE SILVER S Sep-30-2015 $19.20
SQ *AUSTIN TACO Purchase SQ *AUSTIN TACO Sep-30-2015 $11.00
CHIPOTLE 0250 Purchase CHIPOTLE 0250 Sep-30-2015 $11.05
CAFE VINO Purchase CAFE VINO Sep-30-2015 $251.64
Cafe Vino Going away party for B. M Jul-31-2015 $218.40
Backcountry Provisions Employee Recognition lunc Jun-30-2015 $123.50
Total (of all records): $ 4,660.27