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Departments FC Moves Dues & Subscription Services
Note: denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
American Planning Associ APA Dues Jun-30-2015 $524.00
Apa Memberships And Subs APA Membership dues Purch Mar-31-2015 $508.00
APA MEMBERSHIPS AND SUBS Iverson Membership Mar-31-2016 $508.00
TRANSP PROFCERT BRD Certification renewal Sep-30-2015 $425.00
[P.O. # 1602462]
Membership dues Mar-15-2016 $320.00
INST OF TRANSP ENG ITE membership dues Dec-29-2015 $294.28
Inst Of Trans Engineers Membership dues Purchase Jan-30-2015 $276.28
Transp Profcert Brd Transp Profcert Brd Cert. Aug-31-2015 $275.00
NEWSPAPERS SD MT CO MN CA Coloradoan Subscription Mar-31-2016 $213.54
Newspapers Sd Mt Co Mn Ca Coloradoan subscription P Feb-27-2015 $204.02
Bizwest Media 3 yr subscription to Biz Jul-31-2015 $129.97
League Of American Wheel Purchase League Of Americ Jun-30-2015 $125.00
Assoc Of Pedestrian & Bic Purchase Assoc Of Pedestr Feb-27-2015 $110.00
Assoc of Pedestrian & Bic Membership renewal Sep-30-2015 $110.00
Assoc of Pedestrian & Bic Annual APBP membership Feb-29-2016 $110.00
DORA LICENSING PE License renewal Dec-29-2015 $53.00
League Of American Wheel Purchase League Of Americ Jun-30-2015 $50.00
BICYCLE COLORADO Annual Bicycle Colo membe Feb-29-2016 $30.00
RAILS TO TRAILS CONS Purchase RAILS TO TRAILS Mar-31-2016 $25.00
[P.O. # 1508114]
Membership Sep-15-2015 $15.00
Total (of all records): $ 4,306.09