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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Legend: - denotes a purchasing card expense.
Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie Mar-31-2015 $257.31
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie Jan-30-2015 $201.58
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie Dec-31-2014 $212.44
[P.O. # 1408009]
Poster distribution Dec-23-2014 $-50.00
[P.O. # 1411368]
Poster Distribution Dec-16-2014 $50.00
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie Nov-28-2014 $230.73
Fort Collins Coloradoan  Publications Sep-30-2014 $63.76
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Sep-30-2014 $143.22
[P.O. # 1408009]
Poster distribution Sep-09-2014 $50.00
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie Aug-29-2014 $182.11
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Legal advertising Jul-31-2014 $317.65
Apa- Jobs Online  Job ad - Sr City Planner Jul-31-2014 $150.00
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Notice Publications Jun-30-2014 $251.64
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Notice Publication Jun-30-2014 $129.83
[P.O. # 1404921]
Poster Distribution Jun-04-2014 $40.00
[P.O. # 1404761]
Annual subscription Jun-02-2014 $199.37
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publications Purchase Vie May-30-2014 $332.23
[P.O. # 1403905]
Poster distribution May-05-2014 $35.00
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Coloradoan publications Apr-30-2014 $296.53
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  LPC/P&Z Public Notificati Mar-31-2014 $299.06
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  CDNS Agenda & Notice publ Feb-27-2014 $196.17
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  CDNS Notice Publication P Jan-31-2014 $889.77
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Monthly advertising and p Nov-29-2013 $99.21
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Notice publication/advert Oct-31-2013 $401.66
[P.O. # 1309315]
Legal advertising Oct-25-2013 $99.21
Gan*coloradoan-Ccc  Publishing costs for mont Sep-30-2013 $541.51
Gan*advertising  CDNS agenda and legal adv Jul-31-2013 $225.00
Gan*advertising  CDNS Agenda and Notice Pu Jun-28-2013 $219.01
Gan*advertising  Development Review Advert May-31-2013 $255.32
Gan*advertising  Development Review Advert May-31-2013 $225.30
Apa - Membership Online  Membership Dues - City Pl Apr-30-2013 $94.00
Apa - Jobs Online  Job advertising- Planning Apr-30-2013 $200.00
Fort Collins Coloradoan  Purchase Fort Collins Col Apr-30-2013 $27.29
Fort Collins Coloradoan  Purchase Fort Collins Col Apr-30-2013 $27.29
Icma Internet  Job advertising- Planning Apr-30-2013 $74.25
Total (of all records): $ 6,967.45