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Open Book: City of Fort Collins Spending Transparency

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Vendor/Payee Comments Date Amount
POWELL, KRISTIN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
IRWIN, DAVID   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
KEALLY, NORMAN D   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
MANDERBACH, KARL   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
PECKHAM, RHONDA   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
SANDERS, KARL A   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
CLARK, BRIDGET   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
KENNEY, SUE P   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
SCHAFER, SUSAN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
MANCI, KAREN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
PATTERSON, ANASTASIA   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
KOGUT, RYAN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
POOLE, BRANDON   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
JUHASZ, TODD   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
SEARS, MARK   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
STOKES, JOHN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
FIGGS, DAYLAN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
SCHARTON, JUSTIN W   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
REED, AARON C   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
STROUSE, CRYSTAL   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
VINCENT, RYAN T   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
PARKER, MATT   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
BACHAND, RICK   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
MEYER, ARAN   Sep-11-2013 $55.00
Total (of all records): $ 1,320.00